5 Authentic Traditional Australian Foods You Need To Try

“The Wide Brown Land”, Australia has a unique and vibrant cuisine full of indigenous ingredients. From succulent meats to unique chocolate biscuits, Australia is a treasure for food connoisseurs. If you have any plans of going to Australia soon, here are five Aussie delicacies you need to try. 

1. Lamingtons

Popularly known as the “National Cake of Australia”, Lamingtons are delicious, moist sponges dipped in chocolate and covered with desiccated coconut. Named after Lord Lamington, they are the match made in heaven for bush tea. Although traditionally lamingtons have no layers, recent variations have come up with an additional layer of sponge with a cream or jam filling.

2. Chicken parmigiana

A classic Aussie delight, chicken parmigiana is served in almost every bar in the country. With an Italian-American cooking style, parmigiana is chicken with tomato sauce and cheese. It is mostly served with salad and chips along with booze in almost all Australian pubs.

3. Vegemite

Australians have a love-hate relationship with this brown paste made from vegetables, yeast extract and spice additives commonly called vegemite. With a pungent smell and flavour profile, vegemite is generally preferred with toast. Some Australians also prefer it with cheese, tomato and avocado.

4. Pavlova

Created in honour of the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, this dessert is a hit in every Australian household. A meringue-based dessert, Pavlova has a crisp meringue crust, topped with whipped cream and fruits. An Australian after-dinner delight, Pavlova is a must-try for people with a sweet tooth.

5. Grilled Kangaroo

Australians love kangaroo as much as they love camping and barbeque. Extremely lean and tasty, kangaroo is a must-have if you visit Australia. Generally cooked on the hibachi, kangaroo is better than most meats in terms of calories and fat content. Although closest to the flavour of beef, kangaroo has more proteins and iron content than beef and is a good source of omega-3.

Australian cuisine has its distinct flavour profile and ingredients which are mostly indigenous. Whatever your dining preferences, Australian cuisine got you covered. Along with these dishes, there are numerous other authentic Australian dishes like Anzac biscuits, fairy bread and meat pies that are worth trying.