Chef Ranveer Brar Uses This Secret Ingredient In Chicken Recipes
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Chicken is one of the most popular types of meat around the world. A lean meat full of protein, chicken can be prepared in a lot of ways. While in India, we prefer chicken masaledaar, the West likes it grilled and less spicy. There might be many different ways to cook chicken, but there are certain tips and tricks that can work across all recipes. And if you trust celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, rest assured you’ll be equipped with most hacks.  

The chef keeps sharing many unique recipes, kitchen tips and hacks through his videos on social media, and we keep waiting for him to drop the latest video. The best part? The chef shares some of the most life-saving cooking hacks in-between many of his recipe videos as well. Just like the latest one.  

The chef recently shared details about the ‘secret ingredient’ in chicken dishes, and no it isn’t lemon or some spice. Any guesses? It is just a dash of sugar. Yes, you read that right. In an Instagram video, Chef Ranveer is seen preparing a chicken dish. He sprinkles some sugar while cooking it. Next, the chef explains how sugar helps in caramelisation as well as accentuating the sweetness of onions.

The chef even goes on to reveal that he always prefers to add salt to sweet dishes and sugar in savoury ones. Why? Well, according to him, both salt and sugar bring out the ‘character of the dish’. While the tip to add sugar to a chicken dish may sound bizarre, the chef urges people to ‘trust’ him. Well, doing so, we are definitely trying this trick the next time we cook chicken. And if you too are thinking of the same, we’ve got you some drool-worthy chicken recipes which you can cook at home. 

1. Chicken Kebab  

Chicken kebabs paired with green chutney and onion rings - a combination that will surely be loved by every kebab lover. Minced chicken along with a tantalising side is the perfect way to impress your guests. 

2. Chicken Tangdi Masala 

Picture chicken drumsticks generously coated in a traditional spice mix, and laced in a thick gravy, aren’t you drooling already? 

3. Chilli Chicken 

If the way to your heart is through Asian cuisine, there’s nothing better than a plateful of chilli chicken. The Chinese’ delight has managed to win the hearts of foodies across India, and is a go-to starter for many at parties.  

4. Butter Chicken 

A staple Indian chicken curry, you can never go wrong with a combination of butter chicken and naan or rice. Juicy chicken cooked in a rich tomato paste is all you need to devour after a tiring day at work. Isn’t that true? 

5. Grilled Chicken 

Grilled chicken is never a bad idea. A wholesome dinner, grilled chicken cooked tender on the barbecue is next level altogether.