Chef Kunal Kapur’s Secret Tips To Make Soft, Fluffy Dhoklas

Think Gujarati food and Dhokla is one of the first things to come to mind. The people from the state love to snack so much that there are special categories to classify their quick eats, like Nasto and Farsan. While Nasto is a slightly more elaborate affair with Dhokla and Khandvi being the usual suspects, Farsan includes crunchy snacks like Gathiya and Mathri that have longer shelf-life, and can be carried for long journeys as well. Either way, if you are in a typical Gujarati household, there are good chances of finding yourself munching through the day, and well, who’s complaining?

For the uninitiated, Dhoklas are square-shaped, steamed cakes that are yellow in colour. A good dhokla is soft, fluffy and spongy in texture. However, while making Dhoklas at home, you may not get the texture you are craving for, and no one is a fan of bitter, hard dhoklas, right? Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur recently shared his secret tips and tricks to make soft dhoklas each time, and trust us, some of these tips are going to blow your mind. Here goes.  

1. When you are taking the besan or gram flour, make sure you sieve it well. The more you sieve the besan, the lighter it becomes, helping you get softer Dhokla. It is also important to seive the besan to ensure there is no dirt, impurities in the flour.  

2. When you are whisking the Dhokla with curd, make sure you so that in one same direction, I.e either clockwise or anticlockwise. If you change the direction, it will let more air pass in the batter, and you won’t get your soft dhoklas.

3. It is a misconception that more turmeric will give you more yellow-looking Dhoklas. The moment turmeric is exposed to heat, your dishes with turn yellow by default. And if you go overboard with turmeric, it may make your Dhoklas more brown instead of yellow.

4. After you have added baking soda or ENO, let the batter rest for 25 mins or so before adding to the tin.

5. Once you have succesfully added the batter to the tin, do not beat the tin to the counter. This will lead to release of bubbles and your dhoklas will become very dense and ‘fruit-cake’ like.

Try these amazing tips recommended by the chef and let us know how you liked them. Here’s an easy recipe of Dhokla you can try.