Chef Kunal Kapur Reveals The Secret To Making Perfect Rajma
Image Credit: Image; Shutterstock

The very thought of Rajma Chawal - a popular Punjabi-style meal - can make us crave and slurp. A North Indian staple, it finds a place on the lunch table in many homes across the country. In fact, Rajma Chawal lovers can go on and on about its taste, texture, and flavour. 

Let’s just agree that rajma, indeed, is a dish that can melt anyone’s heart, and bring people together. Like us, if you too are a dedicated Rajma Chawal fan, you surely know how indulgent and comforting this dish is. Although this combination is quite well-known in homes and restaurants in different parts of the nation, have you ever noticed how it doesn’t taste the same everywhere? Even if you diligently follow the most trusted recipe, rajma never usually tastes the same. Ever wondered why? It seems like Chef Kunal Kapur has the answer.  

Taking to Instagram, the chef recently shared a secret tip on how to make a perfect bowl of rajma. And with that, we also realised what could be the major difference in flavour of rajma on different days and at different places. Kunal shared a reel, in which he talks about how there are many things that are important to keep in mind while cooking rajma. He revealed how tomatoes are, in fact, one of the most important ingredients while cooking rajma. He adds that the tangier the tomatoes are, the tastier the rajma will be. Since tomatoes are the ingredients that lend the flavour to rajma, its tanginess plays a vital role. 

He further suggested that we cook the tomatoes (grated or chopped) well to get the best flavour out of it. He further added that ‘for some reason’, rajma tastes better the next day too, which is quite not the case with chole and kadhi. What are your thoughts on the same? Take a look at Chef Kunal’s video here:

Now that you know the secret to the amazing flavour of rajma, let’s start cooking. According to experts, rajma should be soaked overnight for the best results. Also, did you know how to check if rajma is boiled well? Well, an easy way to check if the rajma is boiled is by throwing a seed to the wall. If it sticks, it is cooked properly. Some chefs also suggest not to discard the water, in which rajma is boiled, as you can use it for cooking the curry further, and impart a great flavour. Here’s an amazing rajma recipe for you to try. Click here for the classic Punjabi Rajma recipe that you can try at home for your next meal.