Chai And Chakli Made Kareena Kapoor’s Sunday Special

Kareena Kapoor Khan is inarguably one of the fittest actors of tinsel town, but she has never shied away from flaunting her foodie side either. In fact, the entire ‘Kapoor Khandan’ is known for their love for food and lavish feasts. How can we forget the biryani and moong dal halwa party she had with her crew inside her vanity a few months ago.  And then again, when she was in Kalimpong for the shoot of her upcoming thriller, she went all out feasting on local delicacies and the ‘best Khowsuey’. 

Now that she finally got some time to spend at home, finding a lazy Sunday in between her hectic work schedule, she decided to unwind with the classic combination of chai and chakli. For the uninitiated, chakli is a crispy snack popular in Maharashtra. It is deep-fried and in the shape of a coil. The batter - typically made of either besan, sweet potato, atta, or moong - is pressed with a hand press or chakli-making machine into hot oil. Chakli also has a South Indian cousin in murukku, which just like chakli, has a spiral shape and is enjoyed with evening tea. Chakli is also one of the most popular Diwali ‘faral’ items or snacks that are distributed among neighbours and guests who pop in.

Making chakli at home is a tricky affair, especially, if you wish to get the same shape and crunch, but once you get a hang of it, there is absolutely no looking back. Here’s a simple recipe of Palak Chakli that you can try. Not only do these chakli come with a ‘healthier’ mix of palak, but also a striking green colour making them all the more addictive. Try this recipe soon and let us know.