7 Foodie Secrets Of Kareena Kapoor Khan
Image Credit: Image: Instagram

Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan’s social media presence has garnered the attention of many. Ever since she joined Instagram, Kareena has quite regularly shared her day-to-day updates - from BTS to her moments with family and friends, as well as glimpses of her vacations. Out of these, what we love the most are her food diaries.  

Thanks to her Instagram stories and posts, we know how Bebo (as she is lovingly called) is a huge foodie, and just cannot resist a table full of delicious food. And no, it isn’t some exotic delicacy from faraway country that Kareena enjoys the most. Her favourite foods are some of the most regular dishes that we enjoy too. Want to know her most favourite foods? Read on. 

1. Biryani 

If a video on Kareena’s Instagram, and dozens of pictures she has shared on stories are to be believed, Kareena loves to chomp away on biryani at any given day. A few months back, Kareena shared a video in which her love for biryani was quite evident. In the video, she can be seen enjoying the aromatic rice dish in her vanity van. The actor was accompanied by her team, who were all seen taking a generous helping of the chicken biryani from one giant casserole that was kept at the centre of the table. Read more about it here

2. Coffee 

From revealing her favourite coffee place to sharing coffee-related memes on social media, Kareena just cannot do without her coffee mug. As for her favourite coffee place, it is the famous Pret A Manger, in London. Read more about it here

3. Dal Chawal  

No matter how many exotic meals Kareena might be used to on her vacations around the world, her comfort lies in ghar ke dal chawal. Yes, you read that right. Kareena revealed the same in an interview where she said that her most favourite meal is a hot plate of homemade rice and dal topped with a spoon of ghee. Isn’t that super relatable? 

4. Italian And Thai Food 

While dal-chawal might be a comfort meal for most of us, as foodies we do have a soft spot for other cuisines as well. And Kareena is no different. Can you guess her favourite cuisine? It is Italian and Thai! So, some spaghetti or ravioli or a Thai curry can definitely make Kareena go weak in the knees. 

5. Kheer 

Well, this one is a mass favourite of desi foodies. Both Kareena and her sister Karisma Kapoor are also fond of this milk-based Indian dessert, and they never miss a chance to nosh on it. We have often spotted the Kapoor sisters finishing off a bowl of kheer on festive occasions like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. 

6. Sadya 

Once during Onam, Kareena took to Instagram to share a picture of a wholesome sadya spread. She revealed how Kerala cuisine is one of the favourites, and that sadya is her ultimate favourite meal. 

7. Pizza 

Kareena loves devouring pizza and cannot resist a slice of it. Well, she couldn’t resist when Arjun Kapoor sent her some pizzas recently, and even denied sharing it with husband Saif Ali Khan. Read more about it here