Kareena Kapoor Khan Checks Into Her Favourite Coffee Place
Image Credit: Image: Freepik/Instagram

After a hiatus of two years owing to the pandemic, things have finally started to look upwards as normalcy returns to people’s lives. As travel restrictions finally begin to ease out, people are returning to their favourite destinations across the world. And our favourite Bollywood celebrities are no different. From London and France to New York, one can spot our Bollywood actors embarking on vacations at many such hotspots, especially to cities that they sorely missed in the lockdown period. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan, an avid traveller and a foodie, is one such celebrity who recently took some time off from her busy schedule to go for a vacation to London.  

Taking to her Instagram, the actress recently shared a picture from London, with her following of over 9 million. The picture showed Kareena letting her hair down and enjoying a cup of coffee at her go-to coffee place. Can you guess which one it was? Take a look:  

An ardent coffee lover, Kareena revealed in her caption that she had been waiting to sip on this cup of coffee at her favourite spot in London for the past two years. It was Pret A Manger in London. “Waited two years for you baby. Pret. #Sipping my coffee. Coffee Lover,” Kareena wrote in the caption. From the picture, we could also spot her relishing a quick snack with her refreshing cuppa. 

Pret A Manger is a popular chain based in the UK, of which the first outlet opened in 1986 in London itself. According to their website, the restaurant offers freshly made food that you can eat on the go along with organic coffee, which is one of their specialisations. The chain has now even made its way to international tourist hotspots such as Singapore and Germany. 

Now we know Kareena’s favourite coffee place too, and would definitely love to know more about her favourite restaurants and eateries too! After all, she is a fellow foodie who loves to indulge in different cuisines and foods, just like us. Remember when Kareena enjoyed some crispy French fries while shooting for her film in the hills of Darjeeling with actor Vijay Varma. “When it's freezing ...you know what to do ...French fries oh put chaat masala and red chilli on it ....ufffff," she wrote in the caption. Read more about it here.

We sure are loving every bit of Kareena’s foodie side, and can’t wait to see what’s in store next from her food diaries, what about you?