Celebrity Eats: Gurmeet Choudhary Shares Diet, Cheat Meal & More
Image Credit: Google Images

Who are celebrities when they are not faced by a camera? Who are they like while not in the shoes of a character, and what do their meals look like? But most importantly, if there’s something that makes them just like you, it is simply a dish they cannot resist. Celebrity Eats is a Slurrp special series where stars express their foodie versions. From their fondest childhood memories to their go-to cheat meals, you can get the inside scoop on your favourite celebrity.

Dietary Patterns

Slurrp asked the actor, Gurmeet Choudhary, about his food preferences, and the actor shared, “I follow a very strict diet. I eat sauteed vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms every day for many years now. So, I would say that is my all-time favourite meal.” 

When asked about any transitions he noticed in his diet after transitioning from television to movies, Gurmeet Choudhary explained, “I follow my diet. It’s all about the diet, I feel. If you have a good and healthy diet, it will impact your performance. When it comes to acting, at times, we are required to shoot at extreme locations and sometimes for long hours. So, if you don’t follow a healthy diet, your fitness will be compromised.” He further adds, “In between shots, I have pistachios and almonds. And my favourite cheat meal would be grilled fish.” 

Food Memories

Gurmeet Choudhary talks about how he is now named the “samosa man.” Recently, the actor shared that even though samosa is his favourite food, he hasn’t eaten it for fourteen years, and that’s his dedication to his craft and fitness. “Samosa is the food memory as it has been so viral now,” reveals the celebrity.

Cooking Stories

Slurrp asked Gurmeet Choudhary what he likes to cook, and he shared, “I boil some water. Then I put 1-2 eggs in it. When the eggs are boiled, I peel the shell off, add some salt and pepper, and serve it to my wife every morning. She gets happy with this.”

Food And Childhood

Since Gurmeet Choudhary was born and brought up in Bihar, team Slurrp asked about his fondest regional dish, and he answered, “Litti chokha. It is one such dish that I have to control myself whenever I see it.”

He further adds, “During Diwali, my mom used to make nariyal ke ladoo. Whenever she used to prepare them, almost a week before Diwali and just a day before Diwali, I used to look for the ladoos in the fridge or wherever she used to hide them, and I used to eat all of them at night. And even though my mother used to wonder how I managed to eat all the ladoos alone, I used to finish them every Diwali throughout my childhood. But now the case has been reversed. She thinks I’m getting weak by looking at my abs and asks me to eat more.”