Celebrity Eats: Sunny Leone Shares Diet, Cooking Habits & More
Image Credit: Instagram: @sunnyleone

Who are celebrities when they are not faced by a camera? Who are they like while not in the shoes of a character, and what do their meals look like? But most importantly, if there’s something that makes them just like you, it is simply a dish they cannot resist. Celebrity Eats is a Slurrp special series where stars express their foodie versions. From their most memorable childhood memories to their go-to cheat meals, you can get the inside scoop on your favourite celebrity.

Fondest Food Memory

Even though Sunny Leone was born and brought up in Canada, her traditional Indian family kept her close to her Punjabi roots. Upon asking her all-time favourite food, Sunny Leone reveals, “My fondest food is Punjabi cuisine. Ever since childhood, I have grown up eating traditional Indian food. My personal favourites are aloo paratha and gobi paratha.”

When asked about what the Bollywood icon relishes as an adult, Sunny Leone shares, “Even if you ask me today, there is nothing in the world that can comfort me like a paratha. But all in all, I loved all the Punjabi food that was cooked in my house, like rajma chawal, chhole bhature, and paneer that my mother used to make.”

Dietary Patterns

Everyone knows to make it as a model or actor; you need to have a strict lifestyle and monitored lifestyle to remain fit and maintain a good physique. We asked Sunny Leone how she managed to do it all. “I became vegetarian about eight years ago. I pick different fruits and vegetables and eat them throughout my day. I think that has changed so much for me as far as how I felt and what new eating habits began when I started my career in Bollywood.” 

Clarifying further, Sunny Leone adds, “But I’m not the kind of person who follows a strict diet. I am more of an I want to eat this, I’ll eat it, but then I will balance it by exercising. And thanks to my high-intensity workout routine for at least an hour every day, I get to eat what I really want without having a lingering guilt.”

Cooking Habits

“Oh, she loves to cook. Whenever she is not shooting and at home, she spends her time cooking for me and the kids.” Daniel Weber, Sunny Leone’s husband, shares with Slurrp. “Yeah that’s true, I love to cook for my family whenever I get the time to do so,” Sunny Leone further adds.

Diving deeper into Sunny Leone's cooking habits, we asked about her favourite recipes and the best dishes she cooks. “I think my kids would agree to do this. I make great home-style mac and cheese. I love it myself and I make it every now and then for my family as well. Coming to my favourite recipes, I wish I could pinpoint to any one of them.”

“So the truth is, when I am in the kitchen in the mood to cook, I just love to leave it up to Instagram. I would scroll through my feed, stumble on some random stuff, and then comes the best part when I actually make it and get everyone to taste my latest experiment,” the actor reveals the way she likes to experiment with different dishes.

Chica Loca By Sunny Leone

Recently, Sunny Leone set her food in the hospitality industry by launching her restaurant, Chica Loca, in Noida. Not only does this prove her as a true foodie, but a dedicated cook as well. Sunny Leone says, “Chica Loca is like an extension of the Sunny Leone brand. I am beyond grateful to have been able to take it to these many sectors in the last couple of years."

The actor further added, “Chica Loca is a chic place with great food. With lots of live entertainment at the restaurant, you can thoroughly enjoy yourself, have fun, and have a good experience. And I was blown away by the response that I and my team got at the reception. So, for the future we are planning to take it to Lucknow and then to other parts of the country as well.”