Cannes Film Festival 2024: Dishes Inspired By The Best Looks
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We are all guilty of judging some of the biggest celebrities in the world and what they wear at the Cannes Film Festival every year while sitting in our pyjamas at home. Cannes Film Festival is a phenomenal event that takes place in France every year and people from cinema, social media, music and even sports, attend this event to participate in the indulgent event that celebrates innovation and world cinema. 

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It is also a platform for the display of world fashion and one's unique interpretation of style. Like every year, many celebrities have awed us with their unique fashion style and the way that they have carried themselves on the international platform. Taking inspiration from what they have worn, here are some dishes that resemble their dresses and you can certainly try making these dishes at home.

* Nancy Tyagi- Strawberry Shake

Nancy Tyagi is a social media sensation who made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival and made everyone spellbound with her three spectacular looks at the event. Her first red carpet outfit was an embellished, pink-coloured heavily frilled and embellished gown that grabbed everyone's eyeballs. This reminds us of a creamy strawberry ice cream shake full of vanilla ice cream and a lot of dry fruits. Since it's also extremely hot outside, Nancy's outfit is a reminder to everyone to drink something hydrating and delicious.

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* Hunter Schafer- Blueberry Pancakes

Hunter Schafer is a very famous American actress and model who gained popularity for her role in the famous television series, Euphoria. Her simple, yet sophisticated, teal blue outfit at Cannes has gained her massive appreciation for her choice of fashion. Looking at her outfit, we can't help but only think of some delicious blueberry pancakes that are the most perfect indulgence for a Sunday brunch. Stack up a lot of pancakes with some blueberry syrup along with some fresh blueberries on the top. It's the most perfect way to get some antioxidants while you enjoy your favourite dessert.

* Selena Gomez- Rabri Falooda

Selena Gomez mesmerised everyone with her beautifully crafted red gown with protruding red roses that elevated her look even further. Talking of roses, now that roses are in full bloom, one should use them to the fullest to make a delicious glass of rose-infused rabri falooda. Rabri falooda is delectable, sweet and extremely intelligent. The condensed milk along with some rice, noodles and the flavours of saffron, rose and cardamom help in bringing out the best possible flavours. One may use sugar or honey for sweetness.

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* Dipa Khosla- Kaju Katli

Dipa Khosla is a famous American influencer of Indian origin. She is a Cannes veteran who amazes everyone with her style quotient each year. This year her white and silver drapped gown is what has stood out the most. The combination of white drape with silver corset bears a striking resemblance with kaju barfi. Kaju barfi is one of the most popular Indian desserts that is made from crushed cashews, khoya, and sugar powder. A smooth dough by adding lots of desi ghee is made and set. The final step is to put a layer of silver paper on the top to give it its traditional look. Dipa Khosla's draped gown is a reminder to all the Indians out there to eat some kaju katli.

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* Shobhita Dhulipalia- Vegetable Salad

Shobhita Dhulipalia is an extremely famous actress from India who also graced the Cannes Film Festival with her presence this year. Out of the many looks that she displayed, the one that stood out the most was her purple jumpsuit. Shobhita looked beyond spectacular and we can't keep calm looking at the Indian representation. 

Also looking at her jumpsuit, one gets the reminder to eat a good amount of vegetables like eggplants, purple cauliflower, purple cabbage, and lots of beetroot. Summers can be extremely dehydrating and take a toll on one's health. This is why eating a lot of vegetables is a proper way of replenishing the lost vitamins and minerals in the body. Make yourself a healthy bowl of purple salad while you scroll your phone to enjoy more such inspiring and fashionable looks from Cannes.