This Canadian Breakfast Is A Yum Combo Of Fries, Bacon, And Eggs
Image Credit: Poutine

Crowned as the national food of Canada, Poutine over time has spread mainly across the province and is widely accepted throughout the world. A typical Canadian breakfast consists of French fries topped with cheese curds, gravy, fried eggs, bacon bits, and Canada’s favourite - the maple syrup.

Poutine, a dish of french fries and cheese curds, which is the poster child of Québécois culture today, and is widely popular across Canada and northern United States, was once used to ridicule and stigmatise Quebec society. Interestingly, even the maple syrup, a household item in Canadian kitchens, comes from Quebec. 

The Canadian Breakfast is a scrumptious ensemble of fries, bacon, and eggs, with Poutine, the national gem of French Canada, being the show-stopper of the dish. The cooking process is quick and easy, a sunny side up of quail eggs, a chicken gravy made from chicken stock, flour and butter, bacon bits cooked in maple syrup and french fries with cheese curds.


One of the biggest tips offered by cooks for this dish is to remove the starch from the potatoes for the poutine. To do so, after cutting the fries, place them in a bowl filled with cold water, cover the lid, and refrigerate them overnight. Then drain the water and rinse them twice, before frying. Also, frying the fries twice is a good way to ensure the crispy texture. Lastly, it goes without saying, but when visiting Canada, make sure to try the Canadian Breakfast.

Here’s the recipe for the Canadian Breakfast.


For the fries:

    1kg potatoes 


    Salt, to taste

    Pepper, to taste

For the bacon bits:

    10-12 strips bacon

    Maple syrup, to taste

For the gravy: 

    250 ml chicken stock 

    Cheddar cheese


For the fries:

    Chop the potatoes into long strips.

    Fry them in boiling hot oil.

    Once the fries are done, take them off on an absorbent paper.

    After they have cooled down, add salt and pepper and toss them properly.

For the bacon bits:

    Take long streaky bacon and cut them into small pieces. 

    Then cook the small bits of bacon in a warm pan.

    When they are nice and golden, take them out on an absorbent paper

    To a clean pan on medium heat, add some maple syrup and add the fried bacon to it. 

    Let the bacon soak up all the syrup.

    Then, take it off the flame before it caramelises.

For the gravy:

    Take chicken stock in a saucepan on a medium flame, and add cold mixture of butter and flour.

    Then, whisk the mixture till the flour dissolves completely and forms thick chicken gravy.

For the sunny side up:

    Take some oil in a frying pan on low heat and cook the eggs.