Buying Utensils? Consider What Ayurveda Suggests!
Image Credit: Gold cookware, Image Source: Instagram

Have you ever wondered if you use the proper kitchen utensils? Is your food giving you the nutrients it claims to? Are the dishes you eat preventing you from absorbing the vitamins and minerals that food is designed to provide? The moment has come to reconsider your cutlery and cookware if you answered "yes" to any of the questions above. Resort to Ayurveda. This ancient science has answers to such questions. It might be news to many, but Ayurveda has detailed descriptions of the most suitable utensils for cooking and serving food. 

Read on to know what those are. 

Utensils made of gold

Gold plated serving ware, Image Source: Amazon

First on the list are gold utensils. Gold utensils were used by ancient royalty and commoners alike for both eating and cooking, as we have been told and seen in museum displays. In addition, using gold flatware or cooking implements helps elevate your mood. Weighing the potential benefits against the possibility of actual implementation is still worth exploring. 


You can protect your health by utilising gold utensils and cutlery. Meanwhile, you won't have to worry about getting a burn, a rash, or any other skin condition. It will enhance your memory capacity. According to Ayurveda, consuming food or water in golden utensils can balance the three primary doshas. Because gold is non-toxic, it can boost the physiological process. It is also beneficial to joint health.

Silver cookware

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Silver cookware is the next item on the list. We probably heard from our elders that humans used utensils made of precious metals, such as gold and silver, to prepare their food and drink. They're helpful and can help us build stronger muscles and bones. In Indian culture and heritage, silver is highly valued. And in the ancient world, it was a mark of royalty. 


Silverware is commonly used to feed infants since it aids in digestion and has been shown to increase cognitive function. Not only does it help infants, but it aids adults in their battle against seasonal illnesses. Silverware is safe, contains no harmful chemicals, and is simple to clean and maintain. It is non-toxic, decreases acidity, raises haemoglobin levels, and maintains internal body temperature. These can help you stay healthy by boosting your immune system. The beautiful and elegant silverware is a great way to enhance any table setting.

Utensils made of copper

Vintage copper cookware, Image Source:

Multiple studies have shown that copper utensils are preferable to stainless steel for use in the kitchen. You can avoid becoming sick from food-borne pathogens and other diseases using copper cutlery. Compared to other metals used in the kitchen, it is widely regarded as the superior choice. Furthermore, bacteria may grow and live on a stainless-steel implement for around a month. Bacteria are killed within four hours when exposed to copper.


According to Ayurveda, copper cooking utensils produce the healthiest meals. That was the first metal that people had any experience with. There are various health benefits associated with storing drinking water in copper bottles or other copper containers, such as protection against cancer, weight loss, improved digestion, and reduced risk of stroke. Copper utensils have numerous health benefits, including those related to the cardiovascular system, iron intake, bone density, and overall health. Copper utensils also have the added benefit of keeping food hot for much longer. Copper, according to Ayurveda, can balance the three doshas.

Traditional Indian medicine, or Ayurveda, is a priceless part of India's rich cultural heritage. It's just as crucial now as it was before. It's based on science and also plays off of people's faith. You should put your faith in Ayurveda since it will help you, and try to include a few of the abovementioned suggestions in your kitchen. You can purchase the products discussed here from various sources.