4 Butter Hacks For Manageable Cooking
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If I talk about the most delicious and trickiest ingredient present in the kitchen, then it's butter. Butter can be used for toasting, sautéing vegetables, or even apply on bread and have it; it’s plain simple delicious. However, you must ensure that it does not burn; otherwise, its taste gets spoiled. However, to get the best of its flavour, you should use it in various ways and different dishes. To help you with this, we are telling you about some butter hacks that you will surely love.

How to soften butter?

Soft butter is needed in many dishes, such as while making sandwiches. But it is hard often, and therefore in this situation, we try to soften it by heating it on the gas. However, this doesn't seem right, as it melts the butter entirely and then spoils the taste. In this case, this hack will come in handy for you. In a microwave, heat one glass of water and when it becomes hot, throw the water away. Then, cover the butter stick with that hot glass, and it will soften the butter immediately. On the other hand, if you see this process long, then in such a situation, you can keep the butter in the sun for some time. This will soften the butter naturally.

Flavoured butter

Although you will find salted or non-salted butter in the market, if you want to include flavoured butter in your dish, you can make it at home with the help of this hack. For this, temper the butter with your favourite seasoning and mix it well. Plus, you can make excellent flavoured butter by crushing some herbs in melted butter.

Grate the butter

We often keep butter in the fridge, and when we take it out, it becomes quite challenging to cut. In such a situation, you can take the help of this hack. First, grate the butter as cutting butter can also hurt you in this situation. However, it will be pretty easy to grate, and also, you will be able to use it according to your need.

Thicken sauce with butter

Are you making the sauce at home? Then add a fair portion of butter to a great consistency. One benefit of using it is that it will help thicken your sauce. Not only this, adding butter to any dish will give it a glossy look. In this way, both the taste and texture of the dish will become much better with the help of butter.

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