Butter Garlic Naan, Paratha Among 50 Best Breads In The World
Image Credit: Butter Garlic Naan

Food is not just to satiate hunger but to get an experience that can satisfy all your senses. Talking about the sense of comfort and satisfaction that comes along with food, we just can’t forget to mention the rich Indian cuisine. Known for vibrant spices, rich ingredients and special cooking techniques, Indian food is recognized all over the globe. Chapati roti or paratha is an essential component of a complete Indian thali. Can you imagine your food without any of these?

While some start their day with a fresh stuffed paratha, some love to have a main course consisting of Amritsari Kulcha paired with a bowl of chole. Some prefer eating parotta with a chicken curry while some love churri, a desi dessert made up of ground chapati, ghee and sugar. There may be different forms of this essential food item in different parts of the country, but its love remains the same.

Recently, the well-known food guide Taste Atlas shared a list of the top 50 breads in the world. And you know what? Our beloved butter garlic naan has bagged the third position. While butter garlic naan bagged the third position, naan secured ranked at the 8th spot followed by Amritsari Kulcha at the 26th spot and Paratha at the 29th spot. The list was topped by Roti Canai, a popular flatbread dish from Malaysia. The list also featured Colombia bread Pan De Bono, Roti Prata, Talo, Nan-e Shirmal, Lavash, and Somun among others.

Since Butter garlic Naan has ranked third in the list, here is a quick recipe to make this gem at home. Have a look and thank us later!