5 Dishes From Odisha That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Odisha’s strategic geographical location makes it a haven for foodies, there’s a whole gamut of rich coastal specialties, the vegetarian dishes and dals are equally refined. The ‘temple foods’ of Odisha have fascinated lovers of History from all over the world. These are the lavish offerings that are made to Lord Jagannath of Puri since centuries, without fail. Odisha’s rich history has played a significant role in the state’s cuisine, and history is also proof to how the state has adapted to the local and seasonal demands, giving birth to many legendary dishes along the way.  

Here are five dishes from Odisha you must try soon, if you haven’t already.  

1. Nadia Bara

Fried lentil fritter made with goodness of coconut; this crispy delight is an evening staple. It is also made widely in a particularly nippy weather.

2. Pakhala Bhaat

Rice lovers raise your hands! East India cannot go a day without rice, and the many rice preparations are proof. Pakhala Bhaat, is a mushy, creamy comfort food of Odiya households. Made with water, curd and cooked rice, this dish is allowed to ferment all night and later served with green chillies and onions.  

3. Chenna Poda

This addictive sweet is often hailed as India’s original cheesecake. Chenna as we all know is a version of cottage cheese, ‘poda’ actually means ‘burnt’ in India. In this dessert, cottage cheese is burnt from the bottom for a charred, smoky flavour.  

4. Kanika And Dalma

Another classic comfort food of Odisha. Kanika is a flavourful rice preparation, with a mild and sweet taste. It is often garnished with raisins. This light rice dish can be paired with another Odiya specialty, Dalma, which is a thick stew-like dish made with lentils and an assortment of vegetables.  

5. Machha Besara

An Odiya-special fish curry known for its vibrant colour and semi-thick, almost paste-like consistency. In this classic dish, fish and vegetables are cooked in mustard paste and tempered with five-spice mixture.