Brunch, Business & More: 6 Work-Friendly Cafes In Kolkata
Image Credit: Unsplash

It takes a lot more than just good Wi-Fi for a cafe to be certified as work-friendly. Solo workstations, diversity in seating, plenty of charging points, good small plate options, a solid beverage menu, a line of quick bites and pick-me-ups -- the list can get quite long for the away-from-office crowd. However, thanks to a thriving cafe culture, Kolkata has a number of tea houses and cafes where one can spend hours on their laptops and even work with their friends and have access to a running supply of coffee with a side of brunch. Here are some of the best options:

Blue Tokai

A pan-India favourite with remote workers, the brand is a hot favourite with coffee nerds who appreciate speciality brews. Since the brand's tie-up with a popular bakehouse, customers also have access to some premium sourdough and artisanal bakes that are now listed on Blue Tokai's menu. The cafe chain has several outlets crisscrossing central and South Kolkata and also in Salt Lake. 

Besides good WiFi, a selection of grab-and-go cold brew cans, and the option of outdoor seating, the brand is perhaps most popular for its evolving line-up which features blends from some of the best coffee estates in the country.


Loudon Street’s Fabcafe is ideal for a quiet day of solo working. The chic seating area is smattered with some natural elements and neutral colours which offer an understated vibe. Besides the window-side seats and the calming murals, the cafe also has a low-carb menu with some terrific vegan and wheat-free alternatives, fresh juices and shareable brunch options.

Glenburn Cafe

Chowringhee's Glemnburn Cafe has an open-air section, convenient window-side workstations where natural light can stream in, some retro furniture and kombucha! The menu offers a decent selection of hot and cold beverages. Don't forget to explore their range of speciality teas and the shareable brunch options such as smoked salmon on toast, lamb and feta flatbread and more.

Cha Bar

Park Street's Cha Bar, which is situated within the Oxford Bookstore is a good option if you're looking for a budget-friendly space to sit and work out of, for three hours or more. The service is quick, there's plenty of seating and you can peruse books from the store downstairs. The menu has a selection of single-serve and solo snack options, some small bites and a range of speciality teas.

Artsy - Coffee & Culture

Artsy offers a cool, engaging set-up and is already a favourite with the working crowd especially since it opens its doors pretty early. They have quirky seating set-ups and chic working stations. The menu also offers some items which aren't readily available in the city like a rosti or an avocado toast. The coffee menu is interesting as well; the weekends may see a rush but weekdays are good for working out of Artsy. 

The Bakery, The Lalit Great Eastern

If you want a quiet working day removed from the bustle of Kolkata and a slice of history to go with it, head to The Bakery at Lalit. The Bakery was started in the 1800s and offers some delicious high tea selections and European confections, some of which have been on the menu for decades.