Broccoli, Beans & Fish: What Tiger Shroff Eats In A Day
Image Credit: Facebook/@TigerShroff

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EGGS, JUICE, OATMEAL. If you’ve ever wondered how a fitness freak like Tiger Shroff begins his day, it’s with a breakfast composed of these dishes. “Wholesome”, “nutritious”, “power-packed” are the guiding principles for his lunch menu as well. “I opt for a balanced plate of brown rice, boiled vegetables, and a choice of chicken or fish,” Tiger tells us. The goal is to have a well-rounded meal with a mix of essential nutrients, including lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibre.

The actor, who’ll next be seen alongside Akshay Kumar in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, knows that keeping up his energy levels during the day is important: for this, he keeps a variety of snacks at hand — a protein shake, a handful of assorted nuts. For dinner, it’s a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal that he turns to: “It is (usually) broccoli, fish… and I also do like green beans,” Tiger says. Broccoli incidentally is one of his favourite veggies, in addition to asparagus.


A single cup of black coffee is both a need and a fuel for his daily workouts. The discipline extends to allowing himself the occasional indulgence, and then only in moderation. Vada pav, pizza, ice cream — Tiger lists the treats he loves, adding, “These are my favourites and I could have them every day. Which, obviously, I can’t do.” (If there’s a hint of regret in that statement, maybe that’s just us projecting.) Still, ice cream is more likely to put in an appearance on his cheat days. “Whatever I can’t have, normally that’s what I prefer to have on my cheat days. I love ice-cream. I have a major sweet tooth. So, anything chocolaty works fine with me,” he shares.

Prioritising protein from natural sources, supplemented occasionally with whey protein powder, allows Tiger to maintain his physique and sustain himself through long shooting hours. “My dietician helps me to stay away from simple carbohydrates like sugar, cakes, sugared drinks, sweets, potatoes etc,” he says. “For me, long term health and wellness matter a lot, so I prefer to stick to my diet (than indulge).”