Bowl Manners 101: 7 Tips To Master Soup-Eating Etiquette
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Who doesn't enjoy soup? You can serve it hot or cold as a tasty appetiser. A substantial cup of soup can be used as a comforting main course. When we're feeling under the weather or having a difficult day, chicken soup can prove comforting, among many others.

However, there are a few complications with soup. Even though soup seems like a simple dish, there are a few tricks to eating it well, especially for young children. It might be difficult, even for adults, to ladle soup without spilling or slurping it as you approach your lips. How should soup be eaten properly? To help you enjoy and understand how to eat soup properly, check out the following etiquette tips:

Having The Right Bowl

Soups can be served in deep bowls or soup cups on top of underplates for a casual meal.  Soup etiquette requires that you serve soup in a shallow soup bowl with an underplate for more formal gatherings or dinners.

All soup bowls should include an underplate, even if there is already a plate on the table. This way, visitors can use the underplate to place their spoons without scrubbing their dinner plate or table. Even though you won't be eating soup every day with this much grace, it's a good idea to place a plate below the soup cup you choose to use since it prevents sloppy spoons from your tables.

Spoon The Soup Away From Yourself

It might appear like this is the wrong thing for you to do. When you're attempting to bring the soup to your lips, why move it farther away from you? By spooning it away from you, you prevent any soup that may spill over your shirt, blouse, or lap and instead enable it to return to the bowl after making its little journey across it. Undoubtedly, it lessens spilling.

Avoid Blowing Into The Soup

A warm cup of soup may provide comfort throughout the winter, but if consumed too hot, it may even burn your tongue. To cool the soup, people frequently blow it over three or four times. This is considered poor manners.

Instead, gently remove the soup from the top layer of your dish. Simply remove the soup from the surface of the dish without dipping it too deeply. The upper layer is often colder since it is in direct contact with the air. This eliminates the need to blow over the soup and ensures that it is not too hot to consume.

Avoid Consuming From The Tip Of The Spoon

Don't consume the soup from the tip while you're sipping it. Instead, consume the liquid from the longer side of the spoon while keeping the spoon horizontal. Never use a standard spoon for this reason; always use a soup spoon. Additionally, avoid making sounds or slurping your soup. It should go without saying that, no matter who you are dining with, slurping is terrible manners.

Be Mindful

As you take the spoon out of the soup, gently touch the bottom of the spoon to the far edge of the soup bowl. This little tap will eliminate any soup from the spoon's bottom, ensuring that the leak stays on the bowl's edge rather than on your lap.

Don't Hold The Bread And Spoon Together

Take each thing in turn. When eating soup, one typical error people make is holding the spoon and bread together. The bread has to be on your plate when you use the spoon. When you are ready to bite into the bread, place the spoon on the bowl or plate.

Do Not Leave The Spoon In The Bowl

You must never leave the spoon inside the bowl after completing your soup. Never forget to put it inside the saucer or the underplate.  These little things, though they might seem little, are what give you a polished appearance in a formal context. Ensure that you take this final step if you want to leave a lasting impression.