Top 12 Unique Soul Soups Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian

Soups are not a dish but an art where simple components are combined to make a burst of flavours that comforts the soul and warms the heart. Be it chicken noodle soup or rich tomato soup. Each soup contains its unique taste and aroma that perfectly captures our hunger, bringing out soulfulness to every dish. 

Any vegetable, protein and even some fruits can be soup; every soup can be made tasty with the perfect spices and broth you like. If you like tangy soups, you can always try different types of hot and sour soup or noodle soup with different bases. Check out corn, peas or carrot soup if you like soup on a sweeter note. 

Fun fact about soup: it combines simple ingredients, making endless options for one to try. It can act as a medicine to strengthen your immunity while making you warm and happy whenever you sip this deliciousness in cold winters. 

Soups can be rich in calories and buttery in broth. On the other hand, they can be healthy, nutritious, and low in carbs, too. For every mood and every occasion, there is a soup you can taste. We have 12 unique soul soups, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, for you to try this winter. Give it a read to find out more!

1. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is not unique for its name, but it is unique because it can be easily customised, giving a new taste every time one experiments with it. Chicken noodle soup consists of 3 elements: type of broth, chicken, and type of noodle with various seasoning combinations. 

While making chicken noodle soup or tasting it, one can adjust it according to their liking by adding a little soy sauce, lemon, pepper, and the list goes on since everything goes so well with the dish. Chicken noodle soup with rich broth and egg noodles is the most popular combination in chilled winters for you to try. 

2. Green Lentil Soup

Different kinds of green lentils are available in the market, which are boiled to perfection, making a broth of lentils and smashing the lentils together to create a thick soup. The lentils are then seasoned with salt and pepper, mixing turmeric and lemon juice. Green lentil soup can be a very healthy option for people. 

It is not only rich in fibre and protein, but it is also very nutritious and tasty. Green lentil soup can also be altered or mixed with other black and yellow lentils to enhance the taste. Green lentil soup can also be served for breakfast with a side of bread for a warm meal.

3. Miso Fish Soup

Miso Fish Soup is a unique soup that balances the strong flavours of miso and fish together without any fishy taste. The broth is simple and aromatic, and the fish has a butter-like texture. One can also add crispy fish skin to elevate the soup to enhance the crunchiness. The soup also goes well with different sides such as rice, bread and dumplings for one to try.

One can choose from various types of fish according to their taste. It can be a fermented or a dry fish to enhance the crunchiness while the soup soaks up all the strong flavours. Fish heads in soup broth can also make the flavour extra fermented for strong taste and more nutritional value.

4. Cabbage & Veggie Soup

Winter markets are filled with cabbages and different kinds of seasonal vegetables. Cabbage and veggie soup can be a good meal for someone looking to clear their fridge with leftover vegetables and make something tasty. The soup can either be savoury or sweet, according to the liking. 

One can make the broth by boiling the vegetables or adding different stocks according to their taste. It can be a mushroom-based stock or veggie broth with some butter or ghee. The boiled vegetables will give a crunchy texture and a bite of warmth. Adding corn or sweet peas can also elevate the savoury veggie soup as flavours burst into the mouth. 

5. Prawn Hot & Sour Soup

Prawns of the best quality are seared in butter to get the perfect texture before soaking it into the soup broth which melts with all the flavours inside your mouth. The soup's broth can be chicken or vegetable with different seasonings such as salt, pepper and lemon. One can also add spring onions and lots of chile flakes to enhance the hot flavours of the soup. 

Hot and sour soup base can be made with tomato puree, Gochugaru, Kimchi, sriracha and hot sauce. Vinegar and MSG are one of the secret ingredients to enhance the taste of the soup. Every bite of Prawn hot and sour soup has a kick with a tangy taste and a spicy experience that one will remember forever.

6. Lemon Coriander Soup

Lemon coriander soup is a simple dish of lemongrass, lemon, and coriander added to vegetable broth. This soup is very nutritious and soul-comforting. The main benefit of this dish is that it is ready within 15 minutes. But the dish's easiness only compliments the soup's extraordinary nutritional value.

One can expect a sweet, peppy taste from lemons and coriander together in a thin broth with a feeling that tastes like home and mountains on a chilly night. At the same time, lemon hits the spot when drinking the soup; there is also a kick of sweet aftertaste and an elegant aroma. The soupy dish can be elevated with lots of tofu and bread croutons. 

7. Chicken Thukpa 

Love for chicken soup is endless in winter, right? Chicken Thukpa is a chicken broth soup with lots of chilli. It gives the classic taste of chicken soup with an elevated taste of pepper. The soup is comforting and warm, with a hint of coriander and turmeric. 

People who have a cold and have lost their taste due to flu can have this soup as it has a very strong taste with comforting spices. It helps one fight the cold inside the body, warming them from within. On the other hand, the lost taste buds can be found with this soup as it is extremely spicy and kicking. The soup contains chicken and various kinds of noodles, vegetables, and even dumplings.

8. Sweet Corn and Carrot Soup

If you love sweet corn soup, then you will like sweet corn and carrot soup together. The crunchiness of the carrot and the sweetness of bursting corn in your mouth with buttery vegetable broth can bring the ultimate fusion you are looking for. A sweet and brilliant soup with simple ingredients and a hint of buttery texture is perfect for an evening snack. 

You can also have it with different sides, such as bread, rice, potato sticks, and various savoury bites. One can add cheese to their soup to make it more indulging and tasty. The saltiness from the cheese will cover up the sweetness, complementing the soup in the most elegant way possible. 

9. Tumeric Chicken Soup

Turmeric is one of the strongest-tasting spices with many medicinal benefits. Turmeric can turn your boring soup into a unique one while fighting digestive or liver problems, turning medicine into a delicious snack. The chicken is marinated and boiled until it falls off the bone, making the perfect broth and juicy chicken that is later added to the soup with turmeric and different spices.

Turmeric chicken soup is salty and buttery with a hint of pepper. It tastes simple and is very aromatic. Adding garlic and a pinch of garam masala to the soup can always elevate the taste. Turmeric chicken soup is one-of-a-kind that is tasty and works like a magic potion with healing properties.

10. Spicy Curry Leaf Soup

If you love the strong taste of curry leaves, you will love this soup as it has a very comforting taste and a kick that slowly builds up while you taste it hot. The spicy taste of curry leaves is visible in the soup with a garlicky texture. 

The smell of the soup is similar to the smell of curry leaves, and one can even temper oil and different spices into the soup to infuse additional flavours that enhance it even more. Curry leaves are also very beneficial for people who lack iron and calcium. Having this soup in winter can also elevate your taste and immunity to fight away deficiencies.

11. Chicken Mushroom Soup

You can never go wrong with chicken mushroom soup. The soup consists of chicken broth elegantly seasoned to taste, which goes perfectly with the seared mushrooms. Adding different vegetables with chicken and mushrooms can elevate the taste, making it more creamy and buttery. 

Chicken mushroom soup is best served with pasta or grilled cheese. Chicken mushroom soup can also have extra veggies, such as chunks of olive and corn, to enhance its taste even more. The soup can also be enhanced by adding blue cheese or mozzarella cheese burnt on top to make it more crispy and indulging. Adding chilli garlic crips or chilli oil are also great for taste.

12. Creamy Keto Soup

If you are looking for healthy alternatives, creamy keto soups can help satisfy your cravings without adding much to the carbs. Keto soup can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian according to your broth and ingredient choices. Keto soups can also be customised with baked vegetables to reduce the use of oil and butter. 

Keto soups can be topped with salad sides of any choice, and one can also add a bit of protein to their soup to enhance its nutritional value according to your diet. It can also be served with baked/ roasted nuts and bread croutons of your choice.