BLT Sandwich: Flavourful and Juicy Slices
Image Credit: BLT Sandwich

BLT Sandwich is widely consumed across all nations. However, such a popular meal has an easy-peasy recipe, which includes roasted and crisp bacon as the star of the dish. The lettuce adds freshness and coolness. The pan-fried tomatoes add a slight charge to the sandwich. The filling sandwich is then seasoned with a pinch of salt and black pepper. The textures slowly unfolded from fluffy bread to chilly lettuce, grilled tomato and crispy bacon and then back again cutting through the salty-peppery richness of the seasoning. The bread slices are coated with mayo and a dash of Worcestershire sauce which deepened the enjoyment of each mouthful. It is a pretty straightforward dish with a profoundly soulful blend of tastes.

A BLT Sandwich is the 6th most popularly consumed meal in the United States of America and Nation’s favourite sandwich in the United Kingdom. The initials of the sandwich’s main components, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, give it a name “BLT”. The abbreviation probably appeared for the first-time in the American restaurant sector.  Although the components have been around since a long history, the preparation of the first-ever BLT Sandwich is unknown. In 1903, a club sandwich included the main elements with a slice of turkey between two bread slices. However, BLT gained momentum following the 2nd World War with the growth of supermarkets. The versatility of the dish knows no bounds as different recipes can be used to prepare it. Simple variations like using other lettuce varieties, toasting the sandwich or not, and adding mayonnaise. The substitution of  tofu or turkey bacon for a veggie meal or meat-based sandwich, are more pronounced alternatives.

Prep time – 5 minutes

Cooking time – 10 minutes

Servings – 1

BLT sandwich



    4 tsp Olive oil 

    4 Bacon slices

    1 Tomato, medium-sized

    2 Lettuce leaves, without stalk

    1 tbsp Mayonnaise

    Worcestershire Sauce

    Salt, as per taste

    ¼ tsp Black Pepper, freshly crushed 

    2 Bread slices 

Method of Preparation:

    In a heated saucepan, drizzle a little bit of olive oil.

    Add the sliced tomatoes and  grill on both sides properly. 

    Remove and place the tomatoes in a separate plate. 

    In the same pan, with just a few drops of oil, fry the bacon slices. Turn and cook the other side too until it is evenly-browned.

    Turn off the heat and transfer the bacon slices to another paper towel-lined dish.

    In a bowl, combine the mayonnaise and some Worcestershire sauce. Mix evenly well.

    Take the bread slices, and evenly spread the Mayo cream over it.

    Firstly, place the lettuce followed by the grilled tomatoes. Sprinkle over it salt and pepper, as per taste.

    Now, add the grilled bacon slices as the final layer.

    Put your preparation to the end by placing another bread slice over top.

    Serve and enjoy!

Savour the delicious and filling BLT sandwich along with a coke or Pepsi. Accompany this all-time favourite meal with macaroni salad, or potato chips for breakfasts or lunch. The sandwich makes a perfect place in lunch boxes too.