Former Royal Chef Reveals Queen Elizabeth's Favourite Sandwich
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Between 3pm and 6pm, when we begin to feel slightly hungry after lunch, one often craves delicious things. Hunger pangs often strike between the major meals of the day - leaving us thinking about what to eat for a quick snack. Did you know that the English tradition of high tea or afternoon tea was invented due to these hunger pangs? And thank god for it. The afternoon tea-time definitely comes in handy now. 

Usually consumed between 3 pm to 5 pm, afternoon tea typically involves a drink, usually tea, along with some light snacks - such as sandwiches and refreshments - to cater to the untimely hunger pangs. And do you know who loves these sandwiches? It’s none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself. Talking about the Queen’s love for a simple 2-ingredient sandwich, the former royal chef of Buckingham Palace, Darren McGrady, took to his YouTube channel to reveal the recipe of the same.  

Darren has worked there for nearly 15 years and regularly shares some of the favourite recipes from the royal kitchens. In the video, he said that the Queen loved the sandwiches for her afternoon tea ever since she was a little girl. Take a look:

Sharing further details about the typical menu of afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace in this video, the chef revealed that it usually included an assortment of sandwiches, a cocktail drink, scones, and strawberries with cream. “Even if you aren’t able to enjoy the pristine lawns at Buckingham Palace, these dishes will make your afternoon tea a royal event”, wrote the chef in the description of the video. 

While speaking of sandwiches, the chef revealed that Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite sandwich recipe was a simple preparation of just three ingredients including bread, butter, and jam. Called ‘Jam Pennies’, this was one of the most-loved recipes that the Queen enjoyed ever since she was a little girl. “The Queen was served jam pennies in the nursery as a little girl. She’s had them for afternoon tea ever since”, revealed Darren. 

He then went on to reveal the complete recipe for the Queen’s favourite ‘Jam Pennies’ sandwiches. And it is as simple as you can imagine it to be. “Just bread with jam and a little butter, usually strawberry jam. We’d make the jam at Balmoral castle, the gorgeous Scottish strawberries from the gardens. Sandwich it together and cut it into small circles. They were called 'Pennies' after the size of the old English penny”, said the chef in the video.

Doesn’t it sound extremely simple yet delicious? Perhaps this is why they are special. Chef Darren revealed another sandwich that was made in the royal household. It was made with cream cheese and a hint of fresh spearmint folded in, and then a layer of thinly peeled cucumber. “Dainty, delicate and delicious! The definition of afternoon tea. Take off the crust and cut it into tiny two-bite sandwiches”, the chef explained.

Netizens were quick to react to the Queen’s favourite sandwich. “This kind of eating is just so civilised and refined. It makes me feel important, like a Queen, to eat the same menu”, wrote one user. “Darren, what a joy watching your videos. Your enthusiasm is contagious! It makes the royal food actually interesting. Sorry, I used to think it was boring”, wrote another user. What did you think of Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite sandwiches? Let us know.