Biryani Focus Of Kamal Haasan’s & Rajinikanth’s Success Parties
Image Credit: X | Arun Vijay

The idea of celebrating the success of movies with lavish parties and massive feasts for the entire cast and crew has now become quite the norm across India’s film industries, be it Mumbai, Hyderabad or Chennai. But the success parties of two of the biggest Tamil-language movies, Vikram and Jailer, show that with the appropriate feast, these parties can be quite a lively and intimate celebration of regional flavours too. While Vikram was a Kamal Haasan-starrer, Jailer featured Rajinikanth in the lead role—and both these Tamil film industry superstars celebrated the successes of their ventures with incomparable feasts. 

Vikram, which was released in June 2022, was directed by Lokesh Kangaraj and starred Kamal Haasan in the role of a retired intelligence agent seeking revenge. The movie broke records by becoming the highest grossing Tamil film since 2020, so naturally, the success party had to match up to the expectations. Held at Guindy, Chennai, the success party for Vikram was attended by Kamal Haasan as well as the cast and crew members. The menu for the meal served here proves just how lavish a feast served on a banana leaf can get. 

The feast at the success party for Vikram featured incredible Tamil cuisine dishes like Chicken Pichupotta Fry, Vanjaram Fish Fry, Mutton Chukka, Kongu Special Mutton Biryani, Virudhnagar Bun Parotta, Chicken Pallipalayam, Idiyappam, Mysore Masala Dosa and Mutton Paya. The sweet dishes on the menu included Mango Roll, Lychee Fruit Sandesh, ice cream and chopped fruits. Clearly, the success party for Vikram featured the best of Tamil food. 

Jailer, which was released in August 2023, has already made a huge mark on box office records by surpassing the success of Vikram last year. The Rajinikanth-starrer saw the return of Thalaivar to the big screen after a hiatus of two years and was directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. Given the record-breaking success of the movie, the success party that followed was expected to be just as lavish (if not more) as that thrown for Vikram. This celebration in Chennai took place after Rajinikanth returned to his home state from a Himalayan trek. 

The Jailer success party started off with a cake cutting ceremony and was attended by the cast and crew of the movie, including Rajinikanth. At the main press event, gifts were given to the entire cast and crew, followed by a lavish feast served on banana leaves. While Rajinikanth was not in attendance, the cast and crew clearly enjoyed the event, which witnessed a series of chicken, mutton and fish dishes from Tamil cuisine. A highlight of the feast was the fact that this success party menu also featured a variety of biryanis, chukka and other Tamil cuisine favourites.