Viral : Mumbai Dosa Seller And His Rajinikanth Dosa
Image Credit: Rajinikath dosa is a quirky concept

There is a trend on social media where unique dishes and their unique way of presentation is getting viral. There are a lot of vendors who have hopped on the trend and tried to create their own innovative ways to serve a dish or prepare a dish and then gain attention from netizens. From ice cream to golgappe to pizza, several dishes have their viral avatars and we get to see something new every day on the Internet. 

The new sensation on social media is this dosa seller from Mumbai who sells Rajinikanth dosa. As interesting as the name sounds, the way that this vendor and his workers present the dosa has created intrigue and a lot of social media influencers keep visiting his shop and posting his videos on the Internet. Like a lot of other fit food vendors, this dosa seller has also gone truly viral. 

Many types of dosas are getting popular | Unsplash


The unique presentation of the dosa starts from right when he starts putting the batter onto the tawa to make the dish. He makes multiple dosas at the same time and fills it with a lot of spices, potatoes and vegetables. After filling the dosage completely with the stuffing, he wraps them up and puts them in a steel plate, which is seen as a very sustainable and environmentally friendly way to serve street food because most vendors use non reusable plastic plates. Now, the most amusing part of the presentation comes, where he slides the plate directly from a counter and his helper catches it right at that very instance. The showmanship of the entire thing has made this place extremely popular. 

So, if you are in Mumbai and you wish to visit interesting places to eat your regular food, then this Rajinikanth dosa is absolutely perfect for you to try and enjoy!