Birthday Boy Mahesh Babu’s Diet Plan
Image Credit: The actor loves to eat oats and fruits | Pexels

The Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu is celebrating his 47th birthday today. The Pokiri fame actor is one of the most famous celebrities to come out of the South Film Industry. He is famous for his looks and amazing fitness. To maintain his physique, the actor exercises regularly and has nutritious meals. Let us take a closer look at Mahesh Babu’s diet plans and see what is the secret of his fitness

The star does not believe in eating very big meals at a single time, so he eats 5-6 times a day, out of which, a couple of meals are protein shakes and supplements. He takes protein shakes right after his workout regime, that he never misses. The second supplement-based meal is if he is preparing for a role and there are special requirements related to it. 

Mahesh Babu’s meals are a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. He especially focuses on eating a protein rich diet because they help him in building good muscles. His breakfast usually consists of eggs, oatmeal or fruits. Since it is his first meal of the day, he does not eat a lot of carbs in it. But for lunch, the actor makes sure there is a proper carbohydrate source like rice. He has it along with any meat-based protein like chicken, eggs or fish. For his dinner, Mahesh Babu prefers eating any sort of bread like multigrain or wholewheat. He consumes that with eggs or chicken, which basically means that he tries to avoid fats in the last meal of his day.

The superstar loves his greens like broccoli | Picture credits - Pexels

 The superstar also snacks on equally healthy foods. His go to snack is a handful of mixed nuts and dry fruits. He also loves eating a variety of fresh fruits and enjoys every seasonal fruit. Other than these, the actor is also very fond of green vegetables and does not just consume them for health purposes. He likes eating many dishes with greens like spinach and broccoli. No wonder the actor has successfully maintained his youthful looks and is fit as a fiddle! 

So, if you were wondering how your favourite actor Mahesh Babu remains fit all the time, it is because of his fuss-free clean diet and his commitment towards a healthy lifestyle. Wishing the super fit super star, a very happy birthday. May he continue to inspire us with his lifestyle.