Beyond Weightloss; Benefits Of Khichdi
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If you believe that eating khichdi is depressing and monotonous, this article can make you smile the next time you see a plate of it. Actually, khichdi can help you with both, whether your goal is to maintain your health or reduce your weight.

You can eat it at any time of year thanks to its wholesomeness and wide range of adaptations. Not only that, but khichdi is the ideal meal for you if you have trouble managing the time between meals and sleep.


Most of us think of khichdi as simple and monotonous because we often only eat it when we are ill. However, khichdi has several health advantages that make it a fantastic dish to eat even when you are in good health. When I was growing up, khichdi was not a very popular dish due to its straightforward ingredients.

Benefits of khichdi other than weight loss-

1. Contains all the nutrients necessary to improve one's health: You receive carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibre, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium from the combination of rice, lentils, and ghee, which can help you build immunity and keep you healthy.

2. Dr Jinal Patel, a nutritionist at Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai, advises that it is a good food to aid in digestion and provide much-needed relief from acidity.

3. Eating khichdi might aid in the body's detoxification process, maintaining digestive balance and assisting in weight loss. Khichdi will help you feel full for longer, prevent overeating, and allow you to keep your weight at a healthy level. Additionally, it gives you the energy you need to easily carry out your everyday tasks.

4. Khichdi contains turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory qualities and aids in the treatment of colds, allergies, runny noses, coughs, and wounds. You will be able to live a healthy life as a result. But you shouldn't take it too far, advises Dr Patel.

5. Khichdi is a Tridoshic routine food because it balances the three doshas—Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha—and is therefore a part of the Ayurvedic diet. The nutrients in khichdi not only purify and relax the digestive system, but also boost digestion, immunity, and energy.