Are You Aware Of These Khichdi Types? Check It Out

There is hardly any person who doesn’t know what khichdi is. Khichdi has been an essential part of our diet for a long time. Not only it is our go-to snack when we are ill but also makes us comfortable with its simple ingredients. It is as healthy and simple as it can be but still rules our hearts. It comforts us when we get enough of those dishes heavily loaded with spices. It is a diet full of protein and keeps hunger alarms at bay. 

We have a common perception of khichdi being yellow in colour. But, khichdi can change its colours depending upon the ingredients used in it. From North to South, almost everyone eats khichdi but their khichdi might be different in taste and texture. So, why don’t we have a look at some khichdi varieties? 

Bihari Khichdi

Khichdi is a common meal cooked in almost every household in Bihar. Bihari khichdi is quite famous and also offered as prasad in religious functions. This rice blend has ginger, chillies, urad dal, and moong dal with a seasoning of hing and ghee. Mostly, it is enjoyed with chokha, the ultimate Bihari chokha. 

Bengali Khichuri

This is yet another famous khichdi variety. Mostly made up of rice, roasted moong dal, ginger and desi ghee, this is also offered as prasad in pujas. It is also consumed plain and also goes well with vegetable bhajas and tomato chutney. 

Rajasthani Bajra Khichdi

This khichdi doesn’t have rice but has bajra as the main protagonist. This is not just unique but loaded with ample health benefits as well. Consumed with curd, chutneys and pickles, this bajra khichdi is something everyone should definitely try at least once. 

                                          Image credits: Hindustan

Gujarati Khichdi

Made with minimal ingredients, Gujarati Khichdi is a true delight. This moong dal and rice khichdi is a very light meal and when seasoned with ghee, becomes even more delicious. It is often recommended to those having a fever or stomach ache. You must have had this at least once, isn’t it?

Andhra’s Keema Khichdi

Most of us know khichdi to be a vegetarian dish but this non-vegetarian version of khichdi is quite popular as well. It is said to be originated by the Nizams of Hyderabad. It has rice, lentils and the most unique element ground meat. Usually served with ‘khatta’, this khichdi should be on the bucket list for all non-vegetarians.

Tamil Nadu’s Pongal

Pongal is a khichdi from Tamil Nadu made popularly during the harvest season. Made up with rice, lentils and pure ghee, this khichdi has both sweet and spicy versions. Chakkara Pongal is made with roasted dry fruits and offered in pujas while Milagu Pongal is a little spicy and garnished with pepper. 

Karnataka’s Bisi Bele Bhath

This special khichdi is special due to many reasons. Made with toor dal and moong dal, this unique khichdi contains more than 30 spices. Loaded with a variety of vegetables and ghee seasoning, this khichdi is the perfect meal you were looking for. 

                                    Image credits: Wikipedia

Let us know which of these khichdis have you tried and which of these you are going to!!