Beyond Rice Kheer: 6 Types Of Kheer To Try This Sharad Poornima
Image Credit: Apart from rice kheer, masala doodh is also a quintessential Sharad Poornima prasad.

With the festive season already in full swing, we have to be ready for each festival as it comes. The diversity in our country can not only be seen in languages and attires but also in terms of culture, customs and celebrations. Today marks the end of monsoon season as per the Hindu calendar and is referred to as Sharad Poornima. The essence of the day lies in the fact people can observe a full moon on this day, in all its sixteen phases, shining brightly in the sky. 

Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi had blessed a king who was deep in debt, with wealth and prosperity when the queen appeased her with a night long fast. Associated with the same story, it has become a tradition to prepare rice kheer on this day. The kheer is kept under moonlight for the entire night so that the glorious rays of the moon enrich the rice pudding. Popularly served as prasad to this date, this rice kheer is considered to be the most auspicious food on Kojagiri Poornima or Sharad Poornima. 

While rice kheer is a delectable preparation, you can add your own twist to the celebrations by creating these delicious kheer recipes at home. 

1.  Sabudana Kheer 

A cool dessert with the goodness of sabudana or tapioca, this is vrat-friendly and very healthy too. Add to it some nuts and fruits and you are good to go. The thick milk pudding is filling and rich. 

2.  Badam Kheer 

Another delectable variation to your favourite kheer is this badam version. Almonds are crushed and added to the pudding mix as a paste as well as to garnish. The bright, yellow colour of the dessert owes itself to the use of aromatic saffron. 

3.  Makhana Kheer 

Makhana, also known as fox nuts, is a thick and creamy preparation that is a great alternative to rice kheer. The pudding is infused with the flavours of nutmeg and cardamom, with a hint of saffron strands. 

4.  Dalia Kheer 

The core ingredients of this pudding are broken wheat or dalia and yellow moong dal. Condensed milk and green cardamom do their job of lending it a distinct flavour and aroma. 

5.  Khus Khus Kheer 

You might have tried khus ka sharbat, how about khus khus ki kheer? The poppy seeds give your regular rice kheer a delicious makeover with the use of coconut, cashews and jaggery for sweetness. 

6.  Carrot Kheer 

Gajar ka halwa is a quintessential winter dessert and this carrot kheer can become your summer classic if you taste it once. The grated carrots are slowly stirred in milk and sugar is added simultaneously. Once it thickens, cashews and almonds are chopped for garnish. 

Not only kheer, masala doodh is also a popular choice on Sharad Poornima.