Beyond Garlic Bread: 5 Garlic Snack Recipes You Must Try
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

When it comes to cooking, there are just about two-three ingredients that get wonderfully assimilated in the kitchens and palates of people from regions across the world. And garlic is one of them. Let’s just agree that garlic is one of the most widely used flavour-enhancers across different cuisines. But did you know that it is also one of the oldest cultivated plants by humans? Garlic is essentially an underground root bulb, similar to onions, leeks and shallots. The smell of garlic is such that one can recognise it from quite a distance, due to its uniquely pungent and strong aroma. And that is also why not everyone loves this versatile underground vegetable.  

Often, garlic doesn’t get enough credit for the flavour it adds to our food. Most of the time, we don’t even realise how extensively this spice is used in our food, since it is never the star of the show but quietly lends its earthy flavour. Whether it is in the form of ginger-garlic paste or simply chopped garlic in dishes like dal, sabzi, pasta, noodles, momos and even soups. There are very rare dishes that make garlic the hero of their story. But if you think of it, you’ll go as far as garlic bread. But our love for garlic has made us find some lip-smacking garlic recipes that are just the perfect snacking option, and can be made at home easily. And these go beyond your usual garlic bread.

Here are a few garlic-based snacks you must try: 

1. Crispy Garlic Tofu 

If you love vibrant spices and crispiness in your snacks, this garlic tofu is just what you need. With flavours of red chilli, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and tomato ketchup tossed in with tofu and sauteed together, this one can be a winner at your next house party as well.


2. Garlic Murukku 

Your classic South Indian snack has a fan following across India, and even in other parts of the world. Tea-time in a South Indian household is often incomplete without this crispy treat. Murukku is a Tamil word that means ‘twisted’, which in this case refers to the shape of this yummy, savoury snack. This recipe of murukku comes with a twist of garlic clove, and is simply too delicious to resist.  


3. Garlic Knots 

Cheese and garlic together are a great combination, and these yummy garlic knots prove it to the fullest! A dash of butter, parmesan cheese, milk, bread flour, kosher salt, chives and dill definitely sounds like a mouth-watering treat for your evening binge. 


4. Garlic Chips 

A three-ingredient snack, made primarily from just garlic, these chips are simply made by tossing the chips with a yummy and quick dressing of garlic and parsley. Super quick, easy and utterly delicious chips recipe you can enjoy in just minutes.  


5. Garlic Parmesan Fries 

Who doesn’t love some crispy fries on the side? This air fryer garlic parmesan fries recipe is simple, easy and gives a fresh take to your regular fries with flavours of parsley, parmesan and oodles of garlic. 


So which snack are you going to try first?