Beware! These Kitchen Mistakes Can Cost You Money
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It may sound strange to you, but working in the kitchen is an art we perfect with practice. Cooking delicious food is not enough; how smartly you work in the kitchen and save your money is equally important. Usually, while working in the kitchen, we all make mistakes that do not look very big otherwise but can cost us money. This article will tell you about some such mistakes that you can avoid.

  1. Storing vegetables incorrectly: We usually bring vegetables in bulk and keep them in the fridge. But you must have noticed that your vegetables get spoiled after some time, and you have to throw them away. You can avoid this problem if you store them properly. For example, instead of keeping them on the top shelf in the fridge, keep them in the vegetable compartment. If you have brought a lot of vegetables, you can also cut or grind them and store them in the refrigerator, as this also increases their shelf life.
  2. Buying pre-cut veggies: Working professionals do not spend much time in the kitchen. Therefore, nowadays, ready-to-eat food or cut vegetables and fruits are preferred. But have you noticed the price of pre-cut vegetables? It’s pretty high. So instead, buy a vegetable chopper or a food processor if you have time constraints. With this, you will be able to chop your vegetables in a few seconds and avoid buying pre-cut ones.
  3. Ordering cooked food: Do you also prefer ordering food online? Especially since food ordering apps have such attractive discounts, we are often lured toward them. Usually, on one order, you quickly spend ₹200-₹250. However, if you order food even once a day, ₹7,000-₹8,000 are wasted in your month. Whereas you can cook nutritious food very cheaply and feed the family at home.
  4. Washing vegetables under running water: Usually, we wash fruits and vegetables under running water at home, but this leads to wastage of water and raises our bills. So, try to avoid that. Instead, it would be better to fill a water container for washing vegetables and fruits.