Are you aware of the famous street food of Mumbai? No, no, we aren’t talking about vada pav. Today we are talking about ‘Bombay Special Pav-Bhaji’. This street food is none other than a gift for Mumbaikars and tourists from other states. And because it is a pocket-friendly option, we have brought you a list of places serving the best pav-bhaji in Mumbai. These places are a must-visit to get the most authentic taste. 

The Square – Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

From morning till evening, you will find many street foods along the Juhu beach. But some of us seek more fine dining alternatives. However, you won’t have to give up on your best street fare, i.e. pav bhaji. The Square Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach serves a delicious pav bhaji.

Cost per plate: INR 600

Location: Juhu Beach, Novotel Hotel, Balraj Sahani Marg, Maharashtra

Sardar Pav Bhaji

Sardar Refreshments is one such hotel in this list where many types of pav-bhaji are available. Looking at this place, you may get the feel of a rustic hotel, but the taste of pav-bhaji can be compared to even five stars. Don’t forget to taste the butter pav-bhaji here. 

Cost per plate: INR 250

Location: 166-A, Junction, Janata Nagar, Tardeo Road, Maharashtra

Masala Bar

Are you feeling like eating something savoury in the evening? Then it’s time for goth pav-bhaji, also known as special ‘carbon pav bhaji’. It involves stirring all the ingredients collectively with carbon. Could you believe it? Here you will even find the pav black.

Cost per plate: INR 500

Location: Union Park, Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Marg, Pali Hill, Maharashtra

Amar Ras Kendra

Why not try the Amar Ras Kendra's Pav-Bhaji if you are around Vile Parle, Mumbai, and crave spicily. It is so popular that people come from far to eat this pav-bhaji. Apart from pav-bhaji, don’t forget to taste the hit Amar Ras thali.

Cost per plate: INR 150

Location: Vile Parle