Begin Your Weight Loss Journey With These Rajma Recipes
Image Credit: You can make many diet-friendly dishes with rajma | Freepik

When we talk about weight loss, we somehow always think of fancy dishes and ingredients. Splurging a lot of money on expensive ingredients seems to be the only way for many of us who are just starting their diet and weight loss journey. This mentality also stems from the fact that websites, influencers ad several trending videos on the internet also tell us to do exactly that. But did you know that the Indian diet is as useful, if not more if you really want to lead a healthy lifestyle and remain fit? There are several dishes in the regional cuisines of India which can be extremely helpful in losing weight. Along with that, these dishes are all extremely delicious, which would help you refrain from cheating on your regular diet. There are several commonly used ingredients that can be every useful in losing weight. And rajma is one of those.

Usually, the way we have rajma is make it into a curry and consume that with steamed rice. Well, that too is far from unhealthy but if you want options that are healthier, then those too are available. Here are some rajma dishes that you can eat while on a weight-loss diet.

Rajma Pulao 

This healthy and nutritious dish can be eaten in both lunch and breakfast, along with some vegetable raita. This is also a great option to pack lunch boxes of kids. Rajma pulao, made in ghee, with raita is the perfectly balanced meal as it has protein, carbs, fats and fiber. See the recipe below.

Rajma Tikki 

A great snacking option, mashed rajma turned into tikkis is a genuinely genius healthy recipe. It is filling and keeps you satiated for long, so it is a great option for a nice post-workout meal. Look at the recipe below to make it.

Rajma Hummus 

Since Rajma helps in lowering cholesterol, contains dietary fiber and lot of proteins, it is a great option during weight loss diets. So, making rajma into hummus is also a great option to include it in our day-to-day meals. Here is a quick recipe for you all.

 Rajma Wrap 

If you are bored of your regular rajma dishes, and you have also reached a saturation point with the vegetable wraps that you have been having, then it is time for you to try out this amazing rajma wrap. It is satiating, nutritious and definitely delicious. Check out the recipe.

Try out these rajma dishes and you will find out how easy it is to eat good food and maintain and good health simultaneously.