Wrapped in our warmest wintergear, we sit today, reminiscing the year that was. Replete with ups and downs, it seems so much was compressed in just one year, and even as it parts, it is making waves for its bone-chilling cold. In December itself, the weather has broken many records, and while we don’t know what lies ahead, we can certainly make the most of the weather with classic winter delicacies right.

Winter in South India, is very different from winter in the North. With the time, of course, it is getting much chillier, but most days are pleasant, and there’s food for every season and mood. Rasam is a South Indian, tangy soup, which has found a unique fan following across the country. Even the British couldn’t resist its tantalising flavours, so during their stay here, they developed their own version of soup inspired by Rasam, the Mulligatawny, which simply translated to ‘pepper water’.

Rasam can be consumed as an appetizer, pair it with rice, and you have a wholesome main. What we love about rasam is the sheer variety, from tomato rasam to pepper, to lemon, there is a rasam for every season and reason. And for your winter blues, we found just the right rasam too, Beetroot Rasam.

Beetroot is a reddish, pink root vegetable that is consumed widely during winter, much like carrots. They have a mild, earthy and sweet taste, which actually helps add to the mélange of flavours of the rasam that usually alternates between tangy and spicy. And how can we forget the vision it strikes. Add beetroot to anything, and it imparts a lovely pink colour, this Rasam is no different.

Since the consistency of rasam is watery, it is much easier to appreciate all elements in the soup. Beetroot, is loaded with iron, potassium and various healthy vitamins and minerals that can benefit your eyes, heart, and digestion.  

If you are trying to cut down on some of those winter kilos, this desi soup can be an ideal choice. Not only is it amazingly comforting, but it is also made with the best of local and seasonal ingredients, all of which could boost your weight-loss journey. The absence of cream, helps cut down on unnecessary carb load.  

To make the rasam, you first need to peel the beetroot, chop it up and cook it for 20 minutes until it is soft. Blend it into a smooth and soft puree, with some coconut. Add water only if it is required.  

Once you have the pink puree, keep it aside and start working on the tempering.

Take a large kadhai if possible, add oil mustard seeds, jeera, urad dal and hing. allow them to splutter. Throw in crushed garlic, curry leaves sautee till garlic is golden. Next, is the turn of chopped onions and green chillies. Fry till onions are translucent. Then add the tamarind extract, salt and turmeric powder. Cook till the rawness of tamarind goes, add the beetroot puree, some chilli powder, mint leaves, chopped coriander leaves and voila. You are done. Serve this beetroot hot and enjoy.  

Here’s a detailed recipe, in case you want to stop drooling and do something about your cravings.