Beduan Roti: A Himachali Breakfast Made With Makki And Arbi
Image Credit: This breakfast is ideal for the cold climate of Himachal.

The hub of hill stations, Himachal Pradesh is home to a plethora of scenic views and hilly terrains. Up in the hills, the geographical location of the place determines the kind of food eaten by the people there. Since most of these areas are remotely connected to the rest of the country because of their difficult topography, locals mostly depend on natural produce. There are certain kind of crops that are conducive to that weather so people often include those in their diet. Green vegetables, their leaves, stems, shoots and roots are extensively used in pahadi cooking. 

For breakfast, they usually prefer to eat something nutritious and filling because they have to walk for long miles. Carbohydrates become important in this regard. Breads like siddu and pancakes like aktori are usual suspects on the breakfast table. While the former is a soft steamed bun-like bread that is stuffed with green chillies and ghee, the latter is a kind of desi pancake that is made from buckwheat and wheat and often consumed during festivals. Another such delicacy from the Himachali breakfast plate is beduan roti. 

Now, you may think that it is some ordinary roti but we must tell you that it is far from that. The Beduan roti can be thought of as a cross between a chapatti and a paratha, two of the most common Indian flatbreads. The chapatti is usually plain while parathas are often stuffed with fillings. This Himachali roti comes packed with a spicy filling of arbi or taro root. The interesting part is that Beduan roti is made from makki flour instead of the regular wheat flour. 

Makki aka maize is a popular grain in the hilly areas. This is because makki is believed to generate heat in your body and keep you warm. That’s the reason that makki ki roti and sarson da saag are savoured in and around Punjab during winters. It is also high in fibre and keeps you energetic all day. The climatic and topographical conditions of Himachal make beduan roti an ideal breakfast choice. 

The dish hails from the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh and has a spicy filling of taro root or arbi which makes it a filling meal. This unique preparation follows a simple technique where the dough is kneaded with lukewarm water and salt. Simultaneously, the arbi filling is prepared by tossing the vegetable in spring onions, dill, amchur powder, fennel seeds and red chilli powder. A spicy mixture is stuffed into a portion of the dough and rolled into a circular shape. The roti is tossed on the tawa with some ghee. Finally it is served with a side of buttermilk or chaas. 

Here's a recipe you can try at home.