Beat The Summer Heat With these 5 Millet Drinks
Image Credit: Bajra Raab

When it is the scorching summer day outside, it becomes extremely essential to take care of the body to the fullest. And it is not just about the food that you eat but also the beverages that you have. No, we are not talking about aam panna or nimbu pani but some of the millet-based beverages for summer. Yes, you read that right! Millets just don’t make for a healthy and wholesome meal but also some of the beverages with high health quotient.  

We must agree to the fact that millets are power packed with health benefits. No wonder, this ancient superfood has been gaining so much popularity these days. So, to enjoy the millet benefits to the fullest, here are 6 millet-based drinks you must have for summer. 

Bajra Raab 

Bajra Raab is one of the most popular beverages made up of bajra. This drink is a powerhouse of nutrition and is a common sight in Rajasthani homes. It has roasted bajra flour with ginger powder, ajwain, salt and other ingredients. With a watery consistency, this drink could be the perfect immunity booster.  

Video credits: Rajshri Food/Youtube

Rajgira Shake 

Amaranth or rajgira is yet another powerful millet known for its high nutritional value. Grown in harsh climate, this millet is 8000-years old and when combined with wheat, its protein content becomes equal to that of a fish. To make this rajgira shake, all you need is some puffed rajgira, honey, water, milk, dates, cashews and raisins. 

Ragi Malt 

Also known as ragi malt or ragi porridge, this healthy thick beverage has the goodness of ragi with jaggery and water. These tiny seeds are power packed with nutrition and could work like magic for the skin.  

Foxtail Millet Juice 

Loaded with the goodness of vitamin B12, foxtail millet is great for skin and health. Besides, it can help in regulating blood flow in the body. When combined with coconut, this millet could do wonders for mothers-to-be as well as diabetic patients. With added dates and ginger paste, this beverage could become a boon for health. 

Ragi Mango Smoothie 

Ragi, also known as finger millet, is an excellent coolant for the body. This millet has high calcium content and could benefit the body in so many ways. Also rich in vitamin C, this millet can boost immunity and provide the right glow to the skin and the hair. With added mango pulp, this smoothie becomes delicious and healthy.  

Have these millet-based drinks and let us know which one did you like the most?