Baking Tools You Must Have In Your Kitchen

From following the recipe to choosing the right ingredients, baking has many steps that one should not miss. One of these steps which I personally consider the most important is using the proper baking tools. Especially when you are a beginner, it is essential to know about some basic tools that can take your baking game to the next level. 

Before heading to what the tools are, let us clear one very common misconception. People often think that buying tools that look fancy is great, but this is not the truth. Baking doesn’t need fancy tools rather the ones basic and essential. Let us tell you about the essential baking tools that you must have in your kitchen. 


Of course. It is one of the most essential baking tools. It is often advised that one should buy an oven larger than what’s actually required. It is a long-time investment, and one should think properly before spending money.  

Weighing Scale, Measuring Cups and Spoons 

It is very essential that we weigh all the ingredients before using them. One should be as precise as possible while using ingredients for baking. For this, all bakers should own a weighing scale for accurate and exact measurements. For the same purpose, measuring cups and spoons are also important. 

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Believe me, spatulas could work as magic wands when it comes to baking. Silicone spatulas can make the work of mixing, stirring, scrapping and spreading much easier. They could be used in high temperature and could also be used in other cooking processes. 

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Baking Tray 

Baking trays with heavy bottom can help a lot in baking. It allows even distribution of temperature and leads to smooth baking. This might be a little costlier but just like oven, this too is a long-time investment that one should go for. 


Mixing Bowls 

There could be several plastic bowls available for the purpose, but glass bowls are considered more appropriate because of their non-porous appearance. Also, if you are buying plastic bowls, make sure that they are of a good quality. 

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Turn Table 

It is essential to decorate all corners of the cake, and this is when turn table comes into the picture. With the help of turn table, it would be much easier for you to move the cake as per your wish. You can either have a simple or fancy turn table, as per your choice. 


Parchment paper 

Parchment paper is like the soul of baking. It helps your cake or any other baked good to not stick on the bottom and come out clean. But you should know that parchment paper is not butter paper. They differ in appearance and usage. Take note. 

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So, if you have all these tools, you are good to go and if not, buy these tools without any delay.