5 Baking Hacks To Bake A Perfect Cake At Home
Image Credit: Baking Hacks

Be it a marriage ceremony, anniversary, or birthday party; celebrations are incomplete without a cake. However, we often prefer to bring cakes from the market as baking at home seems like too much of a task. Baking a perfect cake is an art that a few can master. We can watch or read many cake recipes and try replicating the same, but apart from that, there are several minor things that you ought to give attention to bake a perfect cake. If you neglect these points, then you will not get the yummy store-like taste. So, today we are sharing some such tips and tricks, which you should keep in mind while baking a cake. 

Measure correctly 

Baking isn't that easy too as you have to take special care of one thing: to measure everything correctly. It is essential to take the exact proportions of flour, sugar, water, milk, baking powder, starch, etc. Your cake may become too dry or soft due to improper measurement. So always use a measuring cup during baking.

Choosing the right flour 

All types of flour contain some amount of gluten, which determines the texture of the cake. For example, if you want to make an airy and light cake, you should choose all-purpose flour. On the other hand, you should select bread flour to make a dense and firm cake. 

Oven temperature 

Oven temperature plays a significant role during baking. You must know the exact temperature and time of baking the cake in the oven. Never under-bake or over-bake the cake, and also preheat the oven before putting the batter inside to bake. 

Fresh ingredient selection 

Old food or over-ripe fruit won't give your cake the flavour you want. Therefore, while baking the cake, you should use only fresh ingredients. In particular, baking soda and powder should also be new. 

Let it cool down

Baking a cake certainly requires a lot of patience. However, a little haste can ruin your entire cake. For example, after taking the cake out of the oven, let it cool completely. If you don't allow the cake to cool properly, it can cause cracks or frosting to melt and ruin your entire cake. Therefore, before decorating the cake, please leave it to cool for at least an hour. 

Chef Alisha Falerio (Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts) concludes that "baking is creating the perfect blend of art and science. Also, measurement and timing play an essential role in easing out the process of creating the trickiest of the recipes. A calculated approach makes you a perfect baker, from the selection of ingredients to temperature and proportion. The key is to know the elements and their resistance to various cooking procedures."