Bajra Khichdi: The Winter Lunch Recipe You Can Swear By
Image Credit: Bajra Khichdi

The easiest way to whip up something for the afternoon meal is a one-pot dish. One-pot dishes, for the unversed, are foods made in a single pot by dunking in all the ingredients at the same time. Each ingredient contributes to the flavour of the entire dish, by infusing it all together. One such comforting Indian dish is khichdi.  

In India, many states have their own special kinds of khichdis. A humble combination of rice and dal, the khichdi can also be filled with various kinds of vegetables and sometimes, even meat like the Bengali Mutton Khichuri. However, during winters, a classic winter khichdi that is made in states like Haryana and Rajasthan is the Bajra Khichdi. For the uninitiated, the one-pot rice dish is made with bajra or pearl millet, which is a healthy grain to be consumed during the winter season.  

Apart from having warming properties, bajra is packed with a lot of nutrition too. Pair this with moong dal and a few spices and your yummy khichdi will be ready in a jiffy. The delicious dish can be paired with a bowl of curd and achaar aka pickle.  

Here’s the recipe for Bajra Khichdi that you can try at home.  


    ½ cup bajra  

    ½ cup dal  





    Start by soaking bajra in water.  

    Soak the dal in water too along with salt.  

    Meanwhile, prepare the tempering mixture by combining hing with ghee in a pan.  

    Once it starts spluttering, turn off the heat.  

    Cook the bajra with dal in a pan.  

    Then temper the mixture with hing tadka.  

    Serve hot and enjoy.