Bahraini Cuisine: 4 Dishes From This Melting Pot of Cultures
Image Credit: This Baklava is a popular dessert in Bahrain, coated in nuts and sugar.

A small island nation in the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a relatively unexplored food destination. Apart from low-lying deserts and groves of date palms, the island inhabits a rich food culture too. Due to its geographical proximity to India, Iran, and Iraq, you are bound to see a lot of cultural exchanges, especially in terms of cuisines.   

Though Bahraini cuisine has its unique essence, yet most of the popular local dishes are inspired from back home. Let’s take you through a virtual food walk in the royal Bahraini Kingdom’s kitchen.   

Here are four dishes that show strong culinary assimilation of various countries.   

1.  Biryani  

The Bahraini biryani is a reflection of our homeland biryani. The rice used in making the biryani is our special Indian long-grain rice. However, this biryani wouldn’t leave you in tears because it does not consist of a lot of spices and peppers. The meat or chicken is moderately spiced.  

2.  Quzi  

Lamb is a popular kind of meat in Arabic cuisine. Given the influence from countries like Iraq, Quzi is another inspiration from there that borrows the name too. So, what is Quzi? It is a combination of grilled lamb that is placed on a bed of white rice along with onions. The only difference is in the spices that are used in the preparation of the lamb in the two nations. 

3.  Hamour  

What is an island without special seafood delicacies, right? Due to the large availability of fish and other marine life in the region, fish is cooked and served in various forms and styles. One such popular dish is Hamour, which can be grilled, fried, or smoked and is generally served with rice. The brief period of British rule in the Gulf region has left its mark in the form of fish and chips, as French fries are a common accompaniment to fish.  

4.  Shuweit  

This is a delectable dessert in Bahraini cuisine. It consists of cornstarch, saffron, and nuts which combine to form a sweet dish that tastes like jelly candy. Khanfrush (sweet kebabs), baklava, and kunafa are a few famous desserts too.   

Seems like Bahrain would feel a lot like home if you are planning to visit anytime soon.