Baghali Polo To Fesenjan: 5 Iranian Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

If there is any cuisine that can boast some of the most delectable delicacies with the simplest of ingredients, it is none other than the Iranian culinary culture. Although hailing from the Middle East, Iranian cooking style is influenced by the cuisines of many other countries. The Greeks, Romans, Indians, Turkish, Europeans and so on have made a remarkable impact on Iranian cuisine, making it one of the richest and most diverse cuisines in the world.

As we have already mentioned, Iranian and Indian food share some roots, flavours and ingredients in a variety of delicacies fondly savoured in both cuisines. We know that the first word to cross your mind after hearing ‘Iranian’ is Irani chai, and we don’t blame you. I mean, isn’t this obvious for the people of a chai-loving country like India? Anyway, not swaying away with chai, let’s come back to Iranian food. You’ll be surprised to know that most of your favourite foods have their roots in Iranian cuisine. The assortment of kebabs, the favourite biryani and even the lip-smacking haleem - all these are gifts of the Iranian cuisine to the culinary world. Are you tempted enough to know more about Iranian cuisine and indulge in some delicacies at home? Here you go…

1. Baghali Polo

For a rice-loving country like India, it’s best to start the list with a rice dish. Baghali polo is a Persian version of the Indian pulao. The pulao zings with the flavour and aroma of saffron-flavoured butter, dill leaves and fava beans and is a delight to savour.

2. Fesenjan

The rich and robust dish, fesenjan is a chicken dish prepared with pomegranate molasses and walnuts. The nutty, delicious and aromatic dish is a must-have in most Persian feasts and is irresistibly drool-worthy.

3. Joojeh Kebabs

You say kebabs, we hear love - that’s how special our bond with kebabs is. Adding to the kebab bandwagon of India are these Persian joojeh kebabs that are equally succulent, tender and moreish. Loaded with the goodness of saffron, Greek yoghurt, some mild spices and lemon, these grilled kebabs are a must-try.

4. Gormeh Sabzi

A green herb stew, gormeh sabzi is made with lamb cooked in some green herbs and kidney beans. The punchy and zingy stew is perfect to be served with any rice dish or flatbread. The punchy flavour of the stew is due to the addition of lime and fenugreek to the herb paste.

5. Lubiya Polo

We know the rice lover in you must be screaming with excitement now, but there’s more. Lubiya polo is a type of pulao made with basmati rice, minced lamb, French beans and some mild spices. The speciality of this pulao is the crispy basmati rice layer that yields a smoky flavour and aroma.