Badam Doodh To Kahwa: 5 Indian Beverages You Can Try This Winter

Snuggled in a warm comforter, watching the sunset, Kishore Da’s songs are on loop with a hot cup of chai- this is how my winters look. After all, winters are all about being cozy with a beverage to warm up our body and soul. For most Indians, Chai is the quintessential winter beverage. But have you ever thought of going beyond chai? I know it's difficult to leave the sinful beverage behind and move ahead but don’t you sometimes need a change? Personally, I love planning my meals and when winters arrive, I plan my evening beverages too. From the soul-soothing ginger and lemon tea to the comforting hot chocolate, my winter evenings are usually accompanied by a warm and comforting beverage. However, my Indian heart craves Indian beverages sometimes but my love for chai has blinded me. If you are someone who finds yourself in a similar situation, here are five Indian beverages to warm you up this winter.

1. Kahwa

Enriched with Kashmiri green tea leaves, Kahwa is a nutritious, warm and delicious winter drink enough to soothe your soul. The tea leaves are simmered with whole spices, dry fruits, saffron and nuts, Kahwa tea is ubiquitous in the streets of Kashmir.

2. Noon Chai

Yet another Kashmiri beverage, Noon chai is a pink-coloured tea that is popularly relished in Kashmir. The tea is made with soda bi-carbonate that results in the pink colour of the beverage. Want to know the origin and history of Noon chai? Click here.

3. Badam Milk

As a kid, Badam milk was something my mom used to make me drink forcefully every evening. The almonds-enriched beverage that is revamped with whole spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, Badam milk is found in most Indian households during winters.

4. Gud Chai
Enriched with the goodness of jaggery, Gud Chai is all things easy and delicious. The decadent amalgam of ginger, tea leaves and jaggery are enough to keep us warm during winters.  

5. Kadha

The predecessor of masala chai, Kadha is the go-to drink in most Indian households when someone is sick. The medicinally rich drink is enriched with some herbs and spices and is perfect to keep you warm during winters. The drink is also known to stave off cold and risk of flu during winters.

We hope we have made your winters warmer and cozier with these five delicious beverages. Try them out and let us know how you like them.