Avoid These Mistakes While Making Kulfi At Home
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What would you prefer if you were to pick from an array of frozen desserts this summer? Perhaps, kulfi will be included in your response. Personally, when I crave kulfi, I can even travel miles to taste it. But why crave or travel when you can easily make it at home. So, if you are also planning to try your hands at homemade kulfi and make your family members proud, this article is for you. With the help of the following tips, you can save your kulfi from spoiling.

  1. Use ingredients in the correct ratio: To make kulfi, it is essential to use the ingredients in the right proportion. So, is milk used more than sugar in kulfi? In terms of sweetness, kulfi does not match such situations. Therefore, use the ratio of milk and sugar only after weighing it. For example, if you use 500 litres of milk, don't exceed the sugar limit of more than 150-200 grams of sugar. The more you mix sugar and milk, the more soft the kulfi will be. Therefore, beat and boil both of them well till it becomes thick. 
  2. Use the suitable kulfi mould: The prepared solution should not be poured in large quantities in the mould of kulfi. Try to keep some space free while pouring the solution. Do you know why? Because sometimes, overpoured kulfi mould spreads the mix all around in the fridge. After putting it in the refrigerator, the kulfi expands, and again, there should be some space for this.
  3. When to keep kulfi in the fridge: Many people immediately put the solution in the refrigerator after pouring it into the mould. However, it should not be done that way. Instead, let it cool down after pouring the solution into the mould. Then, keep it in the freezer. Next, you can use water to remove the kulfi from the mould. For this, take it out of the fridge and put it in water for some time. Kulfi breaks when taken straight out of the mould.

Takeaway tips

  1. You can also use condensed milk to thicken the kulfi.
  2. Always use sugar powder for making kulfi.
  3. If you are making two types of kulfi, use different moulds.
  4. Use only finely chopped dry fruits.