Avoid These Four Mistakes For A Perfect Plate Of Lasagna

If there’s any cuisine that Indians have adopted like it's their own, then it is Italian. From the variety of pastas to pizzas and risottos, Italian cuisine has surely kept us hooked for a long time now. For some of us, a humble plate of pasta spells ‘comfort’ like no other food.

Personally speaking, nothing is as good for me as a good plate of cheesy lasagna. Gooey and packed with taste, lasagna is one of the few things I go to on bad and good days alike. Apart from satisfying my cravings, lasagna surely appeals to me with all its features, from the satisfying cheese pull to the sauce and al dente pasta. However, when these features go wrong, it can be a big turn-off and die-hard lasagna lovers are left disappointed. An irresistibly delicious dish like lasagna surely deserves better than soggy pasta, soupy sauce and clumpy cheese. Are you making lasagna at home this week? Here are some mistakes you need to avoid to achieve the perfect pan.

1. Overcooking The Pasta

Overcooking the pasta leads to the breaking of the pasta sheets or them becoming mushy. Cook your pasta sheets till they are al dente and proceed to drain the water and oil them to prevent them from sticking.

2. Leaving The Pasta In The Collander

Clumpy Pasta? It may be because you have left the noodles in a colander after removing them from the boiling pan. All you have to do after removing the pasta sheets from the boiling pan is to lay them flat separately on an oiled baking tray.  

3. Skipping Bechamel Sauce

A perfectly delicious lasagna has both: bechamel and marinara sauce. However, if you want to skip the bechamel sauce out of laziness, then you might have to rethink your decision. The reason? A milk-based sauce will keep things moist and cut through the acidity of the tomatoes.

4. Starting With Pasta

If you get a sticky-at-the-bottom lasagna every time, then it might be because you are starting the dish with pasta. Remember to start with sauces at the bottom to save yourself this mess.