Avoid These Five Mistakes For A Perfect Tart Shell

If you ask me about a dessert that is a sheer celebration of flavours and textures, then I would say it’s a tart. Be it filled with lemon curd, gooey chocolate, custard or simply fruits, a tart has never disappointed me yet. The variety of textures in a single bite from a tart are simply delightful. This spell that tarts have cast upon me has often driven me to try making them at home. But alas! I can’t even count the number of failed attempts. From a crumbly shortcrust pastry to a runny custard and an awful balance of flavours, only people who have tried making a tart at home know the struggles. Most people’s struggles are related to the tart shell. Perfecting a shortcrust pastry is not that easy to do. Does all this seem relatable to you? Then here are some mistakes that you need to avoid to make a perfect tart shell.

1. Not Using Cold Butter

Cold butter is the key to a crispy, flaky and firm tart shell. Cut the butter into cubes, chill it in the fridge and use it to make the dough for the perfect texture.

2. Consistency Of The Dough

Most of us knead the dough for a tart shell as a habit. However, tart shell doughs just need incorporation of the ingredients instead of kneading. Once you have incorporated all the ingredients into the dough, flatten it like a disc and cling wrap.

3. Not Chilling The Dough Before Using It

If rolling the dough seems a difficult task to do, then it might be because you haven’t given the gluten enough time to relax. Chill your dough in the fridge for some time before rolling it for easy rolling and a perfect texture.

4. Not Pricking It Well

Pricking the tart with a skewer or a fork before baking will prevent it from shrinking while baking. This will also prevent it from puffing up in the centre.

5. Baking The Tart Without Chilling It

If you often end up with a soggy tart shell, then it might be because you are not keeping your tart shell in the fridge for an hour or two before baking it. This process will ensure that the tart shell retains its shape and keeps the butter firm in order to make the shell flaky and crispy.