Athiya Shetty Dines At A Fusion Eatery In Mumbai, Details Inside
Image Credit: Athiya Shetty/Instagram, The actress explored this lesser-known cuisine recently.

Did you know that Athiya Shetty is a die-hard foodie? The actor might be too much into fitness, but her cravings find place on her daily menu too. Be it Mumbai’s vada pav or comfort foods like rajma chawal, Athiya enjoys digging into good food from time to time. Recently, she was spotted at a new fusion eatery in Mumbai.

Dining at Koishi, Athiya shared a glimpse of what she was having at the restaurant this weekend. With two black charcoal boxes kept on the table and a grill stand on top of each, we could see two delectable treats being grilled. One looked like glazed chicken or meat held with sticks and placed on leaves. On the other side, there was what looked like fish fillet, topped with a green sauce and lots of rice noodles.

The food looked quite interesting as one found it hard to guess what exactly it was. This brings us to the fact that the restaurant’s specialty is its one-of-a-kind fusion food. Based on a culmination of Peruvian flavours with Japanese techniques, it is referred to as Nikkei flavours. The basic crux of this kind of food concept is to mould the Peruvian ingredients like fish, quinoa etc. through Japanese cooking methods.

This lends each dish a distinct flavour and brings together two diverse cuisines on a plate. This is the vision behind this new restaurant in Mumbai. The two cuisines are quite different from each other. While Japanese food is generally light and pure, the latter brings a certain degree of intensity to the flavours. Some of the dishes that form a part of this cuisine include ceviche and tiradito i.e. raw fish paired with a spicy sauce.

Since fish is intrinsic to Japanese cuisine, it also dominates Nikkei cuisine but with Peruvian flavours and ingredients. For instance, the rice rolls of this cuisine bear resemblance to nigris and maki of Japanese food. The balance achieved by combining flavours of one with techniques of another is what lends this cuisine a uniqueness unmatched.