Asian Exotic Delights: Unravelling The Secrets Of The Cuisine
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Exploring different types of cuisines of the world is an extremely fun and unmatched experience. Now people have started to travel, people get to explore different parts of the world and enjoy experiencing different cultures and foods.One such cuisine that is full of a lot of surprises and unexpected things is Asian cuisine. Asia is a wide spectrum because different types of countries like India,Thailand, Japan, Russia and Korea all are a part of it. Interestingly, all these countries are so different from each other in terms of their culture and food. so it is almost impossible to compile Asian cuisine in a defined format. However, one doesn't have to spend a lot of time understanding Asian cuisine. It may seem intricate on the surface level but it is not that tough to understand.

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Asian cuisine is full of astonishing dishes. The food is generally a combination of different flavours including sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter. The combination of different spices and ingredients used to enhance the texture of food is very prevalent in Asian countries. 

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* Century Eggs

Century Eggs which are also called millennium eggs, are a very popular delicacy in China. The name of these eggs is quite deceptive as they're not preserved for a century before being consumed. But they are preserved for a few weeks or even months in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, husks, and quicklime. The transformation is so drastic that after a few weeks, when the egg is cracked, the white part of the egg gets a jelly-like consistency. The yolk on the other hand becomes very dark in colour. This is a lesser-known delicacy that is only prevalent in China. Not only is it consumed on its own, but also used in the cooking of other dishes.

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* Balut

Balut is a dish that strikes the feeling of both fascination as well as a bit of resistance. This dish also has a very unassuming appearance. The dish originated in Vietnam and is very famous in other countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines. It is a dish that is made from the fertilised embryo of a duck. For some people, it may sound very filthy, but it is a delicacy in these countries. This dish is so popular that some people especially visit countries like Vietnam and Cambodia to try this dish. Eating this dish is often described as an unparalleled experience by people. Though it is not for everyone, the dish for sure has a fan base of its own.

* Hakarl

Hakarl is a dish that did not originate in Asia but later became very popular in countries like Japan and South Korea. This is a dish that is made from fermented shark meat and is a very popular delicacy among many Asian countries. Originally the dish was consumed by the people of Iceland as they had very few options because of the natural terrain of that region. Hakarl has a very pungent smell, which is why it is hard to eat it for the very first time. 

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* Durian

Durian is a very famous fruit that has a very potent aroma. It is often described as the world's smelliest fruit and it is banned in a lot of shopping malls and commercial place in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. The fruit looks very smooth and has a custard-like appearance. The native people of the island have a lot of special dishes in which durian is used. The fruit is also used in making beverages. The taste of this fruit is described as a mixture of ginger and guava. 

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Utensils And Spices

Asian cuisine is not special just because of the different types of delicacies and raw ingredients that are used to make these delicacies. A lot of contribution is also due to the use of utensils and different spices to make the food. One of the most important utensils that is used to cook Asian cuisine is the wok. Whether one talks about Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine or even Thai cuisine, one common thing is the pervasive use of wok. This is a must-have in all Asian households as it helps in the uniform distribution of heat and cooks all kinds of food properly. Similarly, bamboo tools like bamboo mats and bamboo steamers are also used to make dumplings and noodles.

The tantalising test of food is attained by using different types of spices. Every country has a collection of local spices that are abundantly available in the region. The dominance of the spices is generally quite indelible in the food as well.