Asia Cup 2023: Virat Kohli's Rigourous Training Diet Revealed

Virat Kolhi is a star on and off the cricket pitch, and to maintain his fighting fit status takes a lot of disciplined dieting and rigorous workouts. As the nation’s eyes are trained on the Indian Cricket Team ready to make their stand against Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2023 match in Colombo, let’s take a look at the food that fuels India’s captain and what it takes to make an elite athlete tick. 

The athlete avoids junk food as much as possible and his diet mainly consists of Indian food. In an interview, Virat Kohli shared insights into his disciplined dietary regimen aimed at maintaining peak physical condition without indulging in extravagant fare that might compromise his athletic performance. For his breakfast, Virat opts for a nourishing combination of boiled eggs and a bread omelette, accompanied by a healthful salad comprising spinach, black pepper, and paneer.

Moving on to his lunch, Virat's midday meal typically consists of a balanced mix of nuts, brown bread, and sweets, complemented by a protein shake to meet his body's nutritional requirements. As for dinner, Virat keeps it simple, opting for a wholesome meal comprising roti, dal, and green leafy vegetables.

In terms of hydration, Virat adopts an unconventional approach by consuming black water, which he believes contributes to overall bodily well-being, despite its relatively higher cost. Moreover, after strenuous exercise sessions, Virat refuels with protein shakes, soya milk, and butter paneer, all of which play a vital role in his fitness regimen.

Kohli's grasp of nutrition extends beyond mere food choices; he appreciates the significance of meal timing. By synchronising his eating schedule with his workouts, he avoids the pitfalls of feeling sluggish during intense sessions due to heavy meals or experiencing energy depletion due to extended gaps.

Post-workout, a protein-rich meal becomes instrumental in facilitating immediate muscle recovery, while the inclusion of carbohydrates before workouts ensures he has the requisite energy for peak performance. In the context of matches that can extend throughout the day, it becomes imperative to maintain a consistent energy level. Kohli achieves this by making judicious snack choices, such as nuts, protein shakes, or fruits, which help sustain his glucose levels, thereby safeguarding his focus and physical prowess from any decline and make him the physical powerhouse he is on the pitch.