Steamed Food To No Cheat Meals: Virat Kohli’s Fitness Diet
Image Credit: Virat is very strict about his diet | Unsplash

The former Indian Captain and star cricketer Virat Kohli is as famous for his run making abilities as he is for his supremely strict and healthy diet. Kohli has very publicly spoken about his diet and fitness transformation, wherein he has discussed what he eats and what he has completely cut from his diet. Let us take a quick look at how he changed his diet and became the best batsman in the world. 

Steamed food 

Virat has given up on oil and fried food. He mostly has steamed food and says that it has become such a huge part of his lifestyle that he does not even miss the regular fried and oily food that he once used to love. He really likes to eat steamed dumplings and veggies. 

Only olive oil 

The Royal Challengers Bengaluru player loves to eat various kinds of salads and his go to dressing for most of the varieties is olive oil. He eats food cooked in high quality olive oil and that is one of his secrets to maintaining an enviable physique for almost a decade now. 

Homemade food 

Virat only eats home made rajma or chhole chawal | Unsplash


If at all Virat wants to eat typical Punjabi food like rajma and chhole, he makes it a point that he only has it at home. Ghar ka khana is healthy and low in oil and spices, which lets the picky cricketer enjoy his food without worrying about the calorie intake. He still loves the rajma chawal made by his mother the most. 

No cheat meal 

Virat says that his healthy diet is more or less a part of his personality now. Even if given a chance, he does not feel like hogging on unhealthy stuff. His one true cheat meal is chhole bhature, and still, he would just have it once and go for months without craving for another plate. He believes in being boring and repeating the process over and over again without any regret for eating healthy and nutritious food. 

Giving up meat 

A huge change for a Punjabi boy from Delhi, Virat has given up meat a couple years ago and only eats eggs for protein and to build his strength. Once a huge lover of butter chicken, the cricketer has now completely eliminated all sorts of meat from his diet and says he feels better than ever having made this decision.