Ashish Vidyarthi Savours Kulhad Chai And Biscuit In Kolkata

As part of a national tour with his comedy act, actor and motivational speaker Ashish Vidyarthi has been making the most of the cities he has been travelling to. In his journey across the diverse country, Ashish has always shown an interest in exploring the local cultures and food of places. Being the early bird that he is, the actor decided to get his morning fix of chai in the City of Joy by visiting a local tea shop in the Triangular Park area of Kolkata. The non-descript stall, which was just getting started for the day, saw the co-owner crush up some fresh ginger before she could brew him a fresh cup of tea.

Served in an earthen tumbler or kulhad, Ashish decided to dip a local flaky pastry called Projapoti biscuit into his chai and relish the first hit of caffeine for the day. In his trademark style of expressing appreciation, the actor thanked the couple – Tapon and Boudi – for the delightful cuppa that gave him the energy to get on with his day. The tea shop, which also featured classics like butter toast and poached eggs on the menu, appeared to be buzzing with activity once he was served his tea.

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Following his flash trip to Kolkata, Ashish travelled to Bhopal where he is scheduled to perform next and also shared a video of his lunch at the hotel. On the menu was a tender-cooked mutton curry and flaky khameeri roti, that he continued to take many bites of, while heaping praises on the chef who stood by. Ashish’s passion for good food and the finer aspects of India’s culinary diversity have always been a topic of interest that he shares with his audience on social media. The actor also has his own YouTube channel where he takes viewers on a journey through some underrated gems across the country.