The Art of Tea Brewing: Pro Tips For Cutting Chai To Green Tea
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Tea, the world's second-most consumed beverage after water, has an incredible variety of flavours and traditions to offer. From the aromatic masala chai of India to the soothing allure of green tea, each type has its own unique characteristics. A perfect cup of tea can take your stress away, make you feel energised and soothe your soul.

So, if you are a tea-lover, here are tips to brew different kinds of the beverage that would come in handy for you. From cutting chai to green tea to liquor cha, here are tips and tricks to get the perfect cup of tea - every single time!

Tips for Cutting Chai:

Recipe - Sharmis Passions

  • Balance of Milk and Tea: Finding the perfect ratio of milk and tea is key for cutting chai. Begin with equal parts of milk and water to strike the right balance.
  • Play with Spices: The magic of cutting chai lies in its spices. Experiment with ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black peppercorns to achieve your desired level of spiciness.
  • Sweetness Sensation: Adjust the sweetness to your preference. Whether you prefer a hint of sugar or a generous amount, customise your cutting chai to your sweet tooth's delight.
  • Pot Brewing: For authentic flavour, consider brewing cutting chai in a small pot over a low flame. This allows the spices to infuse thoroughly.
  • Filtered or Loose Tea: While many prefer loose tea leaves for cutting chai, you can also use tea bags. Ensure that the tea is of good quality to enhance the flavour.

Tips for Masala Chai:

  • Perfect Spice Blend: Achieve a balanced and aromatic masala chai by experimenting with the quantities of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger. Find your perfect spice blend.
  • Choice of Sweetener: Customise the sweetness to match your taste. Adjust the sugar according to your preference for a sweet, medium, or less sweet masala chai.
  • Whole Spices: Use whole spices instead of pre-ground ones for a fresher and more intense flavour. Crush or grind them just before brewing for the best results.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Whenever possible, use fresh ginger and whole spices to enhance the aroma and flavour of your masala chai.
  • Steeping Time: Let the spices and tea steep just long enough to extract their flavours. Too much steeping can make the tea overly strong and bitter.

Tips for Liquor Cha:

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  • Steeping Duration: Steeping time plays a crucial role in the flavour of liquor cha. Steep it for about 3-5 minutes to achieve a harmonious balance between strength and taste.
  • Honey Enhancement: Liquor cha can be enjoyed plain or with a touch of honey. Customise the level of sweetness with honey, balancing the rich flavours.
  • Serve Black or with Sugar: Liquor cha can be enjoyed plain or with sugar. Experiment with the sweetness level to match your taste, from unsweetened to moderately sweet.
  • Filtered Water: The quality of water matters. Use filtered or bottled water to prevent any impurities from interfering with the tea's taste.
  • Dress It Up: Liquor cha is versatile. Enjoy it plain or dress it up with lemon, honey, or a slice of orange for a refreshing twist.

Tips for Green Tea:

  • Water Temperature: Use water at around 80°C to prevent bitterness. Steeping green tea in boiling water can overpower its delicate flavours.
  • Steeping Time: Green tea should be steeped for a shorter duration, approximately 2-3 minutes. Adjust the steeping time to your preference for a milder or stronger cup.
  • Use Loose Leaves or Bags: Green tea can be brewed with loose leaves or tea bags. High-quality loose tea leaves often provide a superior flavour.
  • Experiment with Varieties: Try different types of green tea, such as Sencha, Dragon Well, or Jasmine tea, to discover the nuances of flavour within the green tea category.
  • Unsweetened or Lightly Sweetened: Enjoy green tea plain for its pure and clean taste, or add a touch of honey for light sweetness, if desired.