Apple Turnover: Everything You Need To Know
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There have been countless variations of The Turnover over the years. It seems that every country has their own take on the pastry. Some of the notable examples are Indian Samosas, Chinese Dim sum, and Spanish Empanadas. The options are practically limitless. The turnover was first recorded in writing in 1753, but making these portable pies has been a tradition for much longer. And for good reason - they're cheap, simple to prepare, and above all, portable. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly who came up with what and when because turnover has become such a staple in the cuisines of so many different countries. Its origins can be attributed to the French, like most tasty things. Perhaps not the first turnover ever, then at least the first of the Chausson aux Pommes, or apple variety, known as Appleflap. According to legend, an epidemic broke out at St. Calais in the French region of Sarthe in 1630. In an effort to lessen their suffering, the lady of the town, named Chatelaine, provided the distressed people with flour and apples. What emerged was the pastry that has come to be known as Apple Turnovers. Since the town is still around and prospering today, we can only presume that the apple turnovers were to thank for the town's recovery and the restoration of everyone's health.

What Is Apple Turnover Or Appleflap?

A turnover is a little pie that is made by filling, folding, and sealing a piece of dough. Turnover is frequently a short handheld meal, akin to a sandwich, and can be savoury or sweet. Although turnovers are frequently formed into triangle shapes, they can also be folded into half-moons, rectangles, or squares.

Apple turnover is a kind of pastry which has a filling made from apple pieces and the dough is put over as a covering. Apple turnovers are frequently consumed for breakfast, as a dessert, or perhaps even as a snack. The most popular type of turnovers, adored by people worldwide, are apple turnovers.

Do You Know There’s A Day Assigned To Celebrate Apple Turnover?

On National Apple Turnover Day, the most popular apple-filled pastry puff is honoured. Every year on July 5, people celebrate National Apple Turnover Day. On National Apple Turnover Day, people celebrate this straightforward and traditional dessert that is produced by spooning an apple filling into the middle of a square of pastry that is often baked but can also be fried.

We don't know who started National Apple Turnover Day or its origin story. Fruit-filled pastries and portable pastries are nothing new. Since the 17th century, apple turnovers have been produced often. The initial serving of turnovers included a fruit-filled version. For more sweetness, sprinkle sugar or frosting on top. Other fillings for turnovers include cheese, chocolate, nuts, raisins, cherries, potatoes, blueberries, peaches, veggies, and others. People often eat this apple-filled pastry for breakfast or brunch.

Other Flavours Of Turnover

A turnover is a culinary treat. The warm, melty centre will eventually overtake the crisp and flaky surface, revealing the most brilliant of tastes. Turnovers come in a variety of well-known flavours, here are some: 

1. Apple and Pecan Turnovers

2. Quick Apple Rhubarb Turnover

3. Raspberry Cream Cheese Turnovers

4. Afghan Meat Turnovers

5. Cheese and Grape Turnovers

6. Chili Cheese Turnover

7. Chinese Chive and Pressed Tofu Turnovers

8. Date Turnover Cookies

9. Strawberry Jam Turnovers

10. Sweet Onion Turnovers